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Here’s A Video Taking A Look At The Grinder, An Unreleased Wii Game

Liam Robertson and Unseen64 have released a brand new video that takes a look at a Wii game that never got released. The Grinder is a game that was being developed by High Voltage Games. The game was announced in late-May 2009. However, a few years passed and the game vanished without any official word on what happened. The video addresses what went wrong. Feel free to check it out down below.


9 thoughts on “Here’s A Video Taking A Look At The Grinder, An Unreleased Wii Game”

  1. I’ve been on about this and loads of others over the past few years lol this game looked great, it was different on PS/Xbox… What about project H.A.M.M.E.R?… Sadness?? :O

  2. The conduit was a valid attempt but still a lesser offering than the competition. Ppl can blame it on the violence but I’m more likely to believe that the Wii just wasn’t the platform for the best fps experiences. I mean if I were a big fan of fps games and I’m about to invest money in a console AND games, than I would have researched at the time the best platforms for that experience. If that’s what I wanted I definitely would have owned a 360 at that time. *Most* people bought Wiis for Mario games, a new Zelda, or Smash Brothers etc.

    I think these guys tried to do something admirable but fps gamers were on 360 or playsation. That’s the audience that most likely would have bought a game like that.

    Also those characters are awful

    Again I think their efforts were awesome and they thought that audience was just as big on Wii and wanted to push the plaform but I’m not surprised it did not work out.

    I did like playing the Conduit with the pointer controls. I enjoyed that in Metroid Prime too.

    1. witch brings into question the world we live in fps opn a x360 pad over a wii rmote and nunchcuck is like asking for a plate of dog shit instead of a gordon ramsy 3 course meal

      1. I like the Wiimote and numchuck but its more than just an issue with controls. The additional horsepower of the 360 allowed for better AI and even more enemies on screen. On top of that the other consoles had more reliable online. This makes a big difference.

        I mean I love my Wii much more and don’t care for fps games but IF I did I’d choose a PC or 360 as options first for such gaming.

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