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Destructoid Says No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Is Deeper Than It Looks

A game that many of you are probably interested in getting your hands on is the forthcoming Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch. The Destructiod YouTube channel recently managed to provide some new information about the game as well as some information that was previously known but is still relevant. Excerpts of the interview have been provided by Reset Era member Dreamboum and you can find those below along with the original videos.

Misconceptions about the game:

  • TSA is a spin-off, a different style from NMH3 (says he already has the outline of NMH3 in a previous interview)
  • Team size is smaller
  • It’s an Indie style game

Combat : 

  • [NEW] Travis has access to a weak attack, strong attack and jump attack. They didn’t mention it but gameplay also shows he has access to different skills as well as a running slash
  • Travis and Badman will have completely different skill sets
  • You can do a 2-player special attack

Levels and story:

  • It will focus on the relationship with Travis, the hero of No More Heroes, and Badman, the father of Badgirl
  • [NEW] You can find new routes in the level, some that makes the game more difficult when you find them
  • [NEW] “If you find certains areas [within levels?], it will give you the option to do harder levels” (not sure of context)
  • [NEW] Playing as Travis or Badman will give a totally different story to follow
  • [NEW] The camera will change based on parts of the levels (it doesn’t mean it will go back to NMH1&2 style)
  • [NEW] While it was known that the game had a cameo from The Silver Case, Suda confirms there will be a crossover

Ideas behind TSA:

  • The idea is to make a game kinda like Smash TV that he played as a kid
  • There are a lot of indie influence such as Hotline Miami
  • First game he directed since No More Heroes 1, says he is closer to his small staff (around 10 people)

No More Heroes 3/Spin-off:

  • [NEW] Suda says he still has the idea of a game starring Shinobu in mind that he already shared with journalist back in 2011. Not sure if No More Heroes 3 specifically or another spin-off in the franchise.

Video 1 / Video 2



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