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Nintendo Magazine Confirms Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Will Be Generation Eight

Update: It has been pointed out by several readers that the official Nintendo magazine has been wrong in the past with information. So mark this as a rumour for now.

The official Nintendo magazine in Spain has a new feature on the upcoming Pokemon adventure on the Nintendo Switch. The magazine has confirmed that the game will be generation eight  and that the Pokemon Company is rethinking the mechanics of a Pokemon game. Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch will arrive in 2018 or later.




  1. Generation 8. A spin off. I don’t give a shit. Whatever it is, as long as it is good, I’m happy. I’d love a console mainline Pokemon game so they can push the limits of the franchise’s mainline games, but I’d very much would love a great Pokemon spin-off on the level of Pokemon Snap again on home consoles, too. After Snap, I hadn’t bothered to “play ’em all” when it comes to the spin-offs.


  2. Well, this was all I needed to completely quit Pokemon for good, another unnecessary new generation. Really miss the good old days of Kanto/Johto/Hoenn, when it was actually generic, simple and fun. I’m honestly surprised that people actually still love these new gen games.


    1. I will start by saying that I respect your right to an opinion though it does baffle me. I love the new generations. I’ve been playing the Pokémon games since they first reached the US in ’98. If they stopped making new Pokémon/regions/stories the games would get extremely stale … and “generic, simple and fun”? First of all, I think you need to look up the definition of generic. Second of all, we’re not playing on Game Boys 20 years ago, bud. The games are still simple and fun. If a Pokémon game having new Pokémon is what makes you quit, I question how much you actually like the series in the first place. Did it upset you when they added new Pokémon to Gold and Silver? Adding new generations is tradition, and many people find it exciting to see what strange creatures the developers will come up with. It seems, to me, like an odd reason to abandon the series.

      You are, however, 100% free from all of my reasoning if you are a completionist (i.e., obsessed with catching every single Pokémon). Lol.


      1. apparently you misunderstood what I said. First of all, Why would I be mad at Heartgold and Soulsilver? I loved Gen 1,2, 3. Gen 4 was also good. to answer your other question, I WAS a Pokemon fan. Not anymore, and I started to lose interest after Gen 5. Adding new Pokemon doesn’t bother me. What does bother me, is that these modern Pokemon dont even look like “Pokemon”, but more so that they look like deviant art designs, digimon, and yugioh characters. Pokemon Designs looked great up until Gen 5, when they started to get, I dont know how to say it…. “Tried to hard to look cool” “Just non interesting” “Bland” “Terrible concepts (I mean cmon, Trubbish a trash bag?)”. I LOVED Pokemon back in Generations 1-4. but the game has just ben getting worse for me. Easy difficulty, easy trainners, quick and boring story plots, mythicals arent even mythical anymore, the legendaries arent even legendary when theres so much of them, theres too many pokemon fo rme to just choose one that I like, I cant fight others with favorites unless their stats are strong, I have to take EV’s, IV’s and all that confusing stuff into consideration now with every pokemon, the starter pokemon have been lacking in design, and the antagonists dont even pose a good challenge anymore. So I dont see why you’re over thinking everything I’ve said. To put it frankly, I’m a classic person, I like the simple classic era’s of a good franchise, and for pokemon, its just come to far from it, to a modern era that’s just no longer fun to me at all.

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      2. The Trubbish example always bugs me when people talk about not even trying with Pokemon after 4th gen or that they use terrible concepts. Horrible examples when you take into account Grimer & Muk of the original 150 are literally sludge. And let’s not forget Magnemite & Magneton are magnets & that Geodude, Graveler, & Golem are rocks. So people shouldn’t trash Trubbish for being trash. (Pun intended.) So please pick a different post 4th gen Pokemon as an example because the Trubbish one is rubbish. (Pun..? lol)


      3. Pokemon definitely still continues to be my favorite series from Nintendo. That being said, you have some good points. I really do hope that the developers decide to make the game a bit more difficult this time around.

        I also agree with your comments on the rarity of legendaries; especially since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the developers have been sprinkling an excessive amount of them into every game. They don’t even seem to be attempting to make the legendary pokemon special. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you only had to fly into a random portal and suddenly you would find yourself in a battle against Cresselia (or one of the other 26 legendaries featured in the game). Besides the games, a huge amount of event distributions have been going around lately. You could get a legendary almost every month if you wanted one. That is becoming a problem.

        However, amazingly enough, I have never disliked any one of the many pokemon games that have been released because they are so much fun and always bring back a sense of nostalgia.

        By the way, I don’t spend any time worrying about stats and EV’s and IV’s. The games are much better when you pick your favorite pokemon and play through with them. The only reason you would ever need to worry about the specific stats of your pokemon is if you plan to play competitively. I’m glad someone else sees the annoying problems that the developers keep adding to the games, though.

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      4. Infinite Kalas X3, MAgnemite, Grimer, and Geodude make sense and are the originals. I’ve never had a problem with them, and I don’t think much people have problems with that. The point here, is that they work as ideas, and don’t come out bland or lacking. However, a literal Trash Bag doesn’t have the same success that Grimer and Muk did. Those 2 being Literal Sludge wasn’t bad and worked but a trash bag just can’t get those same results. To pick another Gen 5 Pokemon for you, I’d go for the Kling Klang Evolution Line. The problem here, or with later Generations, is that they try to recycle old concepts and designs for pokemon (Such as using Muk/Grimer as inspiration for Trubbish) for new concepts that don’t produce the same result. Generation 1 was the first, so these ideas (Magnets/Sludge/Rocks) were executed wonderfully into designs that were’nt bland. However, speed up to Gen 5 and recycling concepts for new ones (Trubbish,Kling Klang) just dont execute well. Also the other problem here, is that Trubbish and Kling Klang are literal human objects, which kinda doesnt fit with pokemon since they’re natural animals. Magnemite was steel with magnets incorporated into it (Which isn’t man made), and Geodude has the same case (Rocks arent man made, so it works). The only exception to this, is really just Porygon/Porygon2/PorygonZ


      5. My point is Pokemon has always used personification (a person, animal, or object regarded as representing or embodying a quality, concept, or thing) since the beginning of the franchise. Giving later Pokemon crap for doing what past Pokemon have done sounds pretty hypocritical & biased to me. Both are pretty original in their own rights, to be honest, as neither sludge nor trash bags were turned into animals til Pokemon did it. One being natural & one being man-made doesn’t change that; neither does one coming before the other negate the originality of the idea of the other. Besides, some types of sludge ARE man-made and the series never specifies exactly what kind of sludge Grimer originated from.


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