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Early Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Concept Designs Appear Online From Master Works 30th Anniversary Book

The Master Works 30th Anniversary book has revealed some early concept designs for the majestic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The gorgeous artwork shows off early designs of the Divine Beasts, landscapes, and also Hyrule Castle before it was destroyed. The Master Works 30th Anniversary book is currently only available in Japanese, but here’s some images for your to feast your eyes on.



  1. Some of these designs are great and it’s a shame all of them didn’t make it into the game, but seeing the plaza in front of Hyrule Castle looking just like it did back in Ocarina of Time game me quite the nostalgia punch. Reminded me just how damn much I love this game… both games actually, OoT and BotW.


  2. Absolutely love seeing stuff like this. It’s wild to imagine how many different ways this game could have turned out, but it’s clear Nintendo still tends to lean towards the safer side of design


  3. That picture of Hyrule Castle Town makes me want a prequel to BotW even more now! It’d be nice to see Impa, Robbie, and Purah when they were younger, too. Since it would be a prequel to BotW, it would be just as dark, if not darker, than BotW is. All they have to do to make it darker is introduce even more new characters that don’t meet a good end in the game.

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