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FDG Entertainment Teases Physical Release For Oceanhorn On Nintendo Switch

The team over at FDG Entertainment has teased that Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas on the Nintendo Switch could be getting a physical release on the platform. Currently Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is only available for purchase digitally via the Nintendo Switch eShop but it would appear as though a physical edition is in the works and should be available at your favourite retailer.

12 thoughts on “FDG Entertainment Teases Physical Release For Oceanhorn On Nintendo Switch”

  1. The Vita and PS4 was produced by Limited Run Games, so I bet the Switch version will NOT be found at your favourite retailer… unless Limited Run is your favourite retailer xP

    1. Some people getting upset wanting physical releases of indie games are forgetting these games are independent so the developers don’t have the money to make the game & then turn around & release the game physically. They have to rely on guys like Limited Run Games to do it for them. In which case, that 3rd party gets a piece of the pie for every physical copy sold so the indie developer gets less money because of it. Basically, these people better get use to digital only games as many indie devs only do digital.

    2. Of course, I won’t be surprised if some toxic Nintendo fan will eventually try to claim that Sony must be paying these indie developers to not make their games physical for Switch. “Sony paid for…” seems to be the go-to excuse these days when they don’t get what they want on Switch.

      1. Haha, yeah. I’ve made a Sony joke about the delay of Dark Souls Remastered. People here went berserk about Monster Hunter World and blamed Sony all over the place.

        1. I’m not saying it’s impossible that Sony is behind it as anything is possible but it’s clear people are desperate to blame things because some of them don’t understand how the business works, how hard development really is & how one bad code can throw years worth of coding down the drain, etc.

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