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Ian Flynn Talks About Differences Between Sonic Comics From Archie And IDW

Ian Flynn, who is the writer for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, has discussed the differences between the Archie comics and IDW’s newer versions. SEGA had a partnership with Archie comics for 24 years but decided to cancel, refresh, and go with IDW. Here’s what Flynn had to say about the differences in content.

GB: Last year, Sega of America ended a 24 year partnership with Archie that led to the cancellation of their properties. However, IDW picked up Sonic with the first issues now arriving in stores. What can fans, or newcomers, expect from IDW’s version of Sonic that may differ from Archie’s?

IF: My last few years with the old run were front-loaded with world building and lore. It was focused on rebuilding the sense of scale and scope that the old continuity had; recreating the feel of a 15-year-old universe within one or two. With IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog, we’re starting out much more streamlined. The action and adventure are at the forefront. It’s a brand new take on the series, so the initial world building is the foundation – who Sonic is, who his friends are, what their world is like and what the stakes are. We’ll be building from there, of course, but it’s a very streamlined beginning to the narrative.

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