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Japan: Splatoon 2 Second Soundtrack Album “Octotune” Announced For July

Japanese Nintendo fans are sure to welcome the news that a second soundtrack for Splatoon 2 is coming. The album is titled Octotune and will be available for purchase on July 18th. The new Octotune includes music from the Octo Expansion and includes two discs full of wonderful music.


  • The first one includes the tracks from the Octo Expansion, but also the new songs recently added via a Software update (such as those by ABXY), and various sound effects selected by the development team;
  • The second disc includes a recording of the Inkopolive performance, that was held at the Game Party Japan 2018 back in February (including the MC segments)
  • First Print Limited Edition (with Blu-Ray disc): 4 800 Yen + taxes
  • Regular Edition: 3 200 Yen + taxes

Tracklist for the Inkopolive performance recording:

  • Color Pulse (Off the Hook)
  • Acid Hues (Off the Hook)
  • Muck Warfare (Off the Hook)
  • Ebb & Flow (Off the Hook)
  • Fresh Start (Squid Sisters)
  • Spicy Calamari Inkantation (Squid Sisters)
  • Now or Never! (Off the Hook + Squid Sisters)

Japanese consumers will also be able to get their hands on a special first-print version of the album which includes a Blu-Ray disc. The disc contains a recording of the Inkopolive performance at the Game Party Japan 2018.


2 thoughts on “Japan: Splatoon 2 Second Soundtrack Album “Octotune” Announced For July”

  1. I wonder which one is the song they used to introduce the Octo Expansion in that Direct. I really liked that one.

    1. None of the songs listed there are the Octo Expansion song if that’s what you meant. Can’t wait to see its title though.

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