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Video: Polygon – Nintendo Labo Toy-Con RC Car Unboxing & Building

The Nintendo Labo releases in a few days, and Polygon was able to get one early. One of the things that the team did was an unboxing, and they also built a Toy-Con RC Car. It is one of the first unboxing videos that Nintendo Labo fans can check out. As Polygon explained themselves in the video description, “if you’ve been wondering what the assembly process is actually like, we’ve got you covered”. Here’s the video:


2 thoughts on “Video: Polygon – Nintendo Labo Toy-Con RC Car Unboxing & Building”

  1. In the end they really like it. Labo proably won’t sell well on west at the beginining because the overhype of GOW with Emo Kratos (don’t like movie games at all) except for Asia and Japan of course. But Probably will have true legs including chritsmas for families also devs are very interest on this thing. But I don’t think this will appear on charts. This is more like an accessory than a game.

    1. The only reason why LABO might not sell well, is because probably the vast majority of Switch owners are above 25 or 30, or more. I don’t have statistics, you see people, users or potential users at shops.
      Believe it or not, there aren’t many kiddy games in this console. You’ll say 10 y/o play call of duty today. You’re right, but this game is not for them, and they won’t be interested in LABO.
      I would have launched LABO after pokémon, or animal crossing, or nintendogs. But so far, I don’t think many kids own a Switch. They own 2ds, maybe not even a 3ds.

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