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Nintendo And Game Freak Have Registered Trademark For “Ultra Shiny”

New developments in the Pokemon world have emerged today as Serebii has picked up that Nintendo, Creatures Inc. & Game Freak, have registered a trademark for “Ultra Shiny.” The site says that the trademark is broad as it covers a multitude of things. Hopefully we shall learn more in due course.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo And Game Freak Have Registered Trademark For “Ultra Shiny””

    1. I also doubt it means anything interesting. However, my imagination is taking me places to more than just an alternate palette swap; something closer to an alternate form entirely for a select few Pokémon (in other words, this/these new game(s) version of Mega Evolution to reignite interest in old Pokémon).

      1. Sounds cool. Mega Evolution was definitely my favorite part about X/Y, so I would love to see Game Freak revisit that in some way.

    2. It would be cool if you could now breed them (with a lot of difficulty) to be shiny(as well as being caught by usual searching) This would be to give them actual purpose with like perfect stats or something.
      It would also be cool to have shiny ultra beats (which is probably what this is for)
      Cross bread Pokemon (like a mule) even ultra beast cross breeding. And WAYYYYY more regional variants.

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