Labo Nintendo

Nintendo UK Has Been Approached By Schools For Pupils To Go Hands-On With Labo

Nintendo Labo, which launches next Friday, has been hailed as a great and innovative concept. So much so that Nintendo UK has said that it has been approached by a number of schools who are interested in letting their pupils go hands-on with the various kits and games to teach them how the new technology works.

“Nintendo UK says it has been approached by several schools about getting Labo in front of their pupils. Yet this isn’t billed as an education product. Not yet. For that to happen, Nintendo will need to look at discounts for educational institutions, and have teacher support and training set-up. It is not a case of just sticking Labo and Switch into schools. There’s an entire business and department built around the education edition of Minecraft. Nintendo would likely have to consider a similar approach.”




  1. If schools wants to learn kids how to do things with Nintendo Labo then it’s a great opportunity to let them join the Nintendo community


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