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Video: Nintendo Labo Featuring Bill Nye – Make, Play And Discover

Nintendo of America has partnered with American science communicator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer, Bill Nye, to promote Nintendo Labo. You can watch him go hands-on with a variety of Labo kits including the RC Car.

Watch Bill Nye go hands-on with Nintendo Labo! Watch him customize a Toy-Con RC Car, make Toy-Con Fishing Rod, and get creative in the Toy-Con Garage!

14 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Labo Featuring Bill Nye – Make, Play And Discover”

  1. Great marketing on Nintendo’s behalf. Like cmon, to get Bill Nye The Science Guy to advertise the science behind it all…. pretty neat. Nintendo is not failing to surprise me lately, even if it’s advertised for families. This will make bank, no doubt.

    1. Strongly disagree. Bill Nye, who is in no way a science guy, but pretends to have actual credentials to speak on major political issues was a pretty awful choice.

      1. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure CERN cientists know how to sell toys/games to kids on camera.”

        An excellent response to a suggestion I didn’t make.

        “Oh lighten up lol… Maybe you’re not from the 90’s then”

        Born in ’87. Watched him all the time. I’ve just also paid attention tot he rather despicable things he’s done since.

      2. What dispicatble things? Such as talking about Climate Change and Gender Research that the MAJORITY of SCIENTIST also talk about and agree on?

        If you hate Bill Nye you also should hate Tyson and many others.

        1. Gender research? As in proving that it’s not the body that decides a person’s gender but their brain so a person could have the body of a male but the mind of a female or vice versa? I agree with that research if so since I’m pretty sure the brain develops before the sexual organs do and a lot of things can go wrong before the sexual organs are fully developed to match what the brain already knows.

          As for climate change, it’s almost May and it should be hot every day & night here yet it’s cold instead right now. So I agree with that research, too.

          Hm. Now I’m also curious what despicable things cronotose is referring to.

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