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Japan: Splatoon 2 × Sanrio Characters

The Sanrio Character Collaboration Ranking Contest is happening soon in Japan and voting for the event starts on May 10th. There will be a number of cute characters represented in the crossover including Splatoon 2 × Sanrio Character. It will be interesting to see how the votes turn out. We will be sure to keep you posted!



2 thoughts on “Japan: Splatoon 2 × Sanrio Characters”

  1. Japan’s been always the center of games and anime. It would be great to be n that event. My lil sis loves hello kitty much. She’ll definitely play splatoons 2.

  2. If this comes over here we need aggretsuko for splatoon that series is amazing defiantly worth a watch and will speak out to those in finals or stressful lifes at work.

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