Tatsumi Kimishima Will Be Stepping Down As Nintendo President In June

Sadly, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has announced that he’s stepping down from his role on June 28th. His replacement for the position of Nintendo president will be 56 year old Shuntaro Furukawa. Here’s what Kotaku has to say about his successor and his part achievements “Furukawa has an impressively long history working in multiple areas of upper management at Nintendo.”


Thanks to Christopher B for the news tip.




  1. I was bit worried when Kimishima became the president… specially taking into account how loved Iwata was, and how kimishima looked to old to understand the modern changing market. But my worries were proven wrong. Kimishima will not be as remembered as Iwata was, but there is no doubt he has made a fantastic job at Nintendo.

    And if Nintendo has found someone they consider better suited for the job… then I will put my faith in him.

    In addition, when Kimishima stepped in it was clearly stated that it was a temporal position, so I dont really see this anouncement that strange.


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