Upcoming Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Says “We Will Develop The Company To Its Fullest”

Nintendo announced earlier that stand-in Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima will be stepping down from the company in June and will be replaced by Shuntaro Furukawa as Nintendo president. Furukawa told press that he plans to develop the company to its fullest potential and will balance Nintendo’s traditions. Here’s his statement:

“We will develop the company to its fullest,” he said. “I will balance Nintendo’s traditions: originality and flexibility.”



    1. Their first enemy being their own takes on the modern world. Nintendo’s mentality on this is too ancient and everyone is sick of it… they are really stubborn and seem very squeamish when it comes to a basic game modernity.
      With their past consoles not fully embracing online features, their odd policies on media, little to no modern/practical features on Nintendo consoles, and the disgusting “Nintendo Online App” — this road to a “modern success” may be their toughest battle…

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      1. Experiments… Nintendo always do an experiment and the online service isn’t on. When everything will be ready then we will talk again


  1. Just one word to him: Consolidation. Expand Nintendo internal teams, buy/install second party teams and make Nintendo huge like Yamauchi did at the time of Rare and Squaresoft. No more waiting on AA/AAA games, no more software droughts. Let the customers spend much more money and give more work to developers.
    I would like to see a Yamauchi’s driven Nintendo again.

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    1. Not too much like Yamauchi, though. They could be real assholes to 3rd parties at times back then during the NES & SNES days. But yeah. I agree they could do with being a bit more competitive.


      1. Third parties are like non-existent, it’s not wise to rely on them. Third parties are always moaning and do release far less products than on competitive platforms. They can still release products even if Nintendo manage to release one or two games per months (it’s just 70-140 games in the whole platform life!), but it’s catastrofic if no big games gets released in a month. Actually, they can hope just on an old port from third parties and that’s not good at all. Better invest on exclusive content and then be open to receive third parties when they want to invest on the platform. That Mario+Rabbids or Dragon Quest will still see the light of the day. Also people do plan to invest lot of money and if you want the biggest slice of the cake you want to offer lot of content to your customers, like Sony do: there were 2500 games on the most popular platform, PlayStation 2. You can sell lot of games, while few games will make your platform unattractive. Let’s consolidate to offer high content and than leave third parties the remainder, 70-140 Nintendo games per platform will still be a little piece of the whole picture but will make it far more attractive. And I mean not just Mario games but what it was good back in time (Killer Instinct, Final Fantasy, etc. all born with the help of Nintendo’s money, and those made the company richer).


  2. Please be better than Yamauchi, Iwata, AND Kimishima. The competitiveness of Yamauchi, the fun of Iwata along with his care for his employees (he did take a hit in his own paychecks to keep the company from having to let some employees go), & the … the uh… And the whatever made Kimishima so good these past few years. lol Oh & minus their shortcomings: Yamauchi’s monopolistic tendencies, Iwata’s lack of competitiveness, and… Okay. I can’t think of any for Kimishima.


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