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You Can Now Get The Topper Hat & Topper Suit In Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has a new outfit waiting for you. You can now get the Topper Hat and Topper Suit in the game. The Topper Hat will cost 1,500 coins, and the Topper Suit will cost you 3,000 coins. Some images of the new outfit have surfaced, thanks to Nintendo Everything, so we’ve included them in a gallery for you down below. Feel free to check it out.




    1. That sounds e3 worthy just imagine it there about to play odyssey and they go a major update for odyssey and than bam 4 new kingdoms, a small extra story (allowing peach to be playable with tiara) and all those costumes

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  1. Should have had all this costumes crap on launch lol I’ve not really played Odyssey since I finished I with 999 moons … Which was December last year lol


  2. Should also take note that these sadly are found once you complete the main game, which in this course, how is it even possible to play past the main game?


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