Nintendo Has Filed Trademarks For Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario & Punch-Out!!

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has filed some brand new trademarks for various IPs. According to Japanese Nintendo, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario and Punch-Out!! were the ones mentioned. So why does Nintendo want to trademark these? Japanese Nintendo says that “all trademarks are for purposes of ‘video game program’ and ‘downloadable video game program’”.




  1. Not another Mario Tennis. (-_-) ZZZzzzz
    I want a new Mario Golf and Mario Baseball. The only two Mario sports games I care anything about. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but Nintendo has been nothing but one disappointment after the other lately (for me). The next disappointment will be the discovery that Mario Party 11 sucks once again due to luck based wins and a stupid car, courtesy of Nd Cube.


    1. Pretty sure it won’t be that becuase 3ds and Wii U disappointment era is over the trademarks for Mario tennis is aces of course, Mario golf is a bit slow pace, which is why tennis is more in favor than golf, I doubt mp11 will be bad because since the lastest two titles have spun away from the car mechanic, I’m pretty it will go back to its roots likes aces, I too am looking toward it a baseball game

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      1. that’s true about the latest two titles, but they weren’t actually part of the main lineup. sure, those games had the ‘mario party’ name in them, but that doesn’t mean mp11 will be just like those two. besides, mp11 has not been confirmed yet. i’m thinking we’re going to get an e3 reveal of it, but we’re two months away, so we don’t know yet if it will be revealed or confirmed.


  2. I hope that:
    Paper Mario returns to the style of gameplay that 64 and TTYD had (I would like for the spin from 64 to be included).
    Mario Party doesn’t have a freakin’ car.


  3. I’m always surprised by how many people dislike the recent paper mario games. Sticker Star was trash, but Color Splash was a fantastic game! I might have even enjoyed color splash more than TTYD


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