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Insignia CS Rep Claims Nintendo’s Warnings On Third-Party Switch Docks Is Simply A Marketing Strategy

I’m sure people are aware now that Nintendo has previously warned against using third-party Nintendo Switch docks due to some of them bricking Nintendo Switch consoles. One third-party peripheral manufacturer who produces third party docks is Insignia. One Reddit user reached out to the company and was told the following by a customer service representative of the company.

“Thank you for contacting Insignia products. My name is Carlos and I will be assisting you today with your Nintendo switch dock.

We have not received any report from customers, but to be honest this seems more like a marketing strategy from Nintendo to keep customer away from 3rd party companies, actually we know that this is a real problem, but it is caused by Nintendo and their latest update. If you want to keep using this device let me tell you that Nintendo is not taking responsibility for this and this kind of issues are not covered under our warranty because this is not a factory defect but something they are doing on purpose.

I hope that this information is useful for you, if you have more questions please let me know.”





  1. Nothing like the “No U” response. Really, Nyko, Insignia, etc…. ALL these companies who put out cheaper solutions without doing any effort and asking Nintendo to test their devices for compliance needs to stop taking the “Blame the manufacturer” route. That blanket PR statement is a shot in the dark and baseless. Just cause they lack quality control.

    Yes people lost Switch’s, but Just like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo also has clauses that says they’re not responsible if a third party device ruins your console. Nkyo Intercoolers come to mind.

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    1. You really don’t know who to believe though because these problems only happened after nintendo released it’s latest update which is a bit strange if you ask me but I do agree that this statement by insignia is not really saying much nobody is going to take responsibility for it, I bought an extra Nintendo dock used just to be on the safe side to replace my nyko dock but somebody is definitely lying lol

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      1. True but after the update is when more reports started to appear in regard to bricking consoles. Whether that was a coincidence or not, we probly won’t ever find out. I just don’t feel I should 100% trust any company, at the end of the day it’s all business so I feel their both to blame. Nintendo with that way overpriced piece of plastic they call a dock and 3rd parties for not getting their stuff certified but of course we don’t know whether Nintendo would certify any companies products they don’t specifically have a deal with.

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      2. The Nintendo official dock is kinda… inline with the price of other USBc docks though, and it comes with one of the highest wattage chargers on the market.

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      3. I’ve working in social media enough to know who to believe. The “Its not us” statement is typically used in damage control situations.

        What he wrote is a statement that they got, emailed to them by executives, in response to questions like that. Doesnt matter if its Carlos, Carla, Steve or Sue. They would have definitely put out the same copy-paste statement


  2. He goes from “We have not received any report from customers” to “actually we know that this is a real problem” within the same sentence. I don’t like that answer of “not our problem” either seeing as how Nyko offered to replace Switches damaged by their dock.

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  3. the reason was found what was causing the problem, o3o basically the 3rd party boards are missing the part that says what amount goes to each part and they super charged a low power consuming chip and fried it. It happened more after the update since nintendo added more native 3rd party add on support in the update which made it easier for the 3rd party docks to pass electricity through. which, for the one chip, was too much.

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  4. It’s a problem with the switch hardware not being designed to standard, nothing to do with the firmware update.
    And legally you are responsible if you sell someone a product that damages their property.
    And yes, it is a defect because it’s purpose is to work with the Switch and it is not fit for purpose. It doesn’t matter whether Nintendo designed their USB specifications differently than other companies, if you’re making an accessory for a product and/or advertising it to work with that product, then you need to build it around the specifications of the product its meant for.


    1. If I understood American law right, it’s illegal to deny third party accessories. And SpawnWave on YT for example, used a third party dock and got his Switch bricked just after a firmware update; and that happen en masse apparently.


  5. I don’t give a shit who’s fault it is. Both should be held accountable and both should be working to fix it. Quit blaming the customers for trying to find cheaper alternatives. The Switch being affordable has been a great lie that many have told themselves for awhile now. Time to kill it.


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