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Nintendo Has Commented About Third-Party Switch Docks Bricking Consoles

The Nintendo Switch firmware’s update to 5.0 has gone smoothly, but there was one exception. Owners of third-party Switch docks have noticed that the docks have bricked their consoles. Well, Kotaku received a statement from Nintendo about the matter. Meanwhile, a third-party dock developer, Nyko, also spoke to Kotaku about their own third-party Switch docks. Nyko is working on a fix and “has policies on replacing malfunctioning products”. Nintendo just recommends people use officially licensed Switch products instead. Here’s what both companies said in full:

Nintendo has issued a statement to Kotaku recommending that Switch owners only buy officially licensed Switch products, adding: “Unlicensed products and accessories do not undergo Nintendo’s testing and evaluation process. They might not work at all with our game systems, and they could have compatibility problems with certain games, the Nintendo Switch system itself, and other licensed accessories and peripherals.”

Reached by e-mail, a Nyko representative told Kotaku that the company is “aware of the issue some Portable Docking Kit owners are facing after updating the firmware on their Nintendo Switch to version 5.0. Though further testing is still required to determine the exact root cause of the problem, we believe it is related to the way the Switch handles AV output for an external TV/monitor while the console is docked on the Portable Docking Kit.” Nyko says it is working on a solution and has policies on replacing malfunctioning products.




      1. Because it makes the Switch even more magical. I can sit in my living room playing a game, and if my wife wants to watch something, I can either go handheld or carry it down to the game room in my basement and plug in. Money well spent.

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      2. Did you know that some people are divorced so more docks help :D ? Or are you oblivious to real issues


    1. More like Nintendo wants to force people to use their absurdly marked up products. Try not making 1000% profit if you want people to buy your shit.


    1. have you never used a 3rd party controller or other such peripheral in your life? Theres no good reason to assume these would brick your console, let alone something as simple as a dock which is basically just an HDMI to USB-C adapter. Also Nintendo should rot for listing such a converter for 90$. I sympathize with anyone trying to get an affordable dock just for Nintendo to brick them. At least they had the common sense not to shill 90$ for plastic.


      1. “I sympathize with anyone trying to get an affordable dock just for Nintendo to brick them.”

        Nintendo didn’t brick them. Nyko did.

        “At least they had the common sense not to shill 90$ for plastic.”

        Clearly they aren’t just plastic if they interface enough with the system to brick one.

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  1. Whilst I feel bad for anyone affected by this they did take a risk by using third party accessories and on this occasion a problem has occurred. There are always plenty of warnings about using unofficial stuff and while a lot of times you can get away with it this proves that issues do arise. The dock is part of the console, not an accessory, so I would never mess around with an unofficial version.


  2. I hope its bettet than the licensed one bcz Nintendo onlt understand how to make games not console example:
    Most company:
    Every single company that involve technology: we are going to make it better and stronger
    Meanwhile in nintendo hq
    “Sir what are we going to do”
    “Hmmm we should make it innovative like the wii”
    “But nothing i mean do you remember the wii its a great and innovative”
    But we should do it like back in the days
    “I only remember the nes, snes, n64, and the wii”
    Innovative with bad online community it is sir
    “Good job”
    “Oh dont forget we should create an app for voice chat”
    Why dont we just put that in the setting
    “Do i look like an idiot to you”
    Ok sir
    “One more thing make the dock really crappy that people will buy a new one and then we are going to make our new console slightly better and the rest of the money is for games and toys


  3. In summary, maybe you shouldn’t buy unlicensed products. I never buy unlicensed 3rd party accessories, they are almost always total crap. Even the licensed 3rd party accessories are crap at times. Learned my lesson long ago. I’m not saying people deserved to have their systems bricked though. That’s just an unfortunate consequence.


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