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Video: Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Special Edition – Co-Op Gameplay

Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Special Edition will be released fairly soon and Natsume has revealed that the console versions of the game will allow for cooperative farming with a second player, which is bound to be entertaining and rather helpful. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in May.

Grow crops, tend livestock, and gather materials, either by yourself or with a Co-Op friend! After looking for a fresh start, you drift into a small harbor town devastated by a storm. The town has been deserted, but you’re never one to back down from a challenge! It will be up to you to help rebuild the town and solve the mystery of the lighthouse…but it won’t be easy!



    1. To be honest it’s look like this since it’s been reveal I’m guessing they have a mobile engine version, and were just lazy to make a console versions for the system, oh well I can always wait for animal crossing switch


      1. Animal crossing is better than harvest moon series in my opinion it doesn’t try to reach out to just farming, it’s made specifically to be fun the dialog and music have so much heart put into it, but let’s be honest I’m not really into farming simulation games, animal crosssing is good because it doesn’t try to be a one trick pony, it tries to do more than just plant this do this in a certain amount of time, it’s about doing your own thing, also sims and animal crossing is a horrible comparison, that’s like trying to compare cod series to splatoon series ( both are weak comparisons since they cater to different audiences)

        ^Dang that’s too long why did I type like that


      2. Since it’s a civil discussion, it’s called debating. Embrace it. Don’t be one of those lazy “TL;DR” people.

        You haven’t played many Harvest Moon games (or others of it’s kind), have you? It’s not just farming. It’s farming, ranching (raising live stock for food & food products), marriage, having kids, remodeling your house, building mechanics, helping out your fellow villagers, mining, upgrading tools, upgrading your farm/ranch, fishing. Far from a one trick pony. Animal Crossing isn’t a one trick pony, either, but it ain’t got nothing on Harvest Moon games. Animal Crossing is a pretty casual game compared to a majority of Harvest Moon games. And both games let you do your own thing, actually, as you can choose to do just farming, just ranching, or just mining to raise money for your character, his/her spouse, and their children. And speaking of weak comparisons, you did start it first by bringing up Animal Crossing, as if it’s a suitable replacement for those that want “farming” simulators, to Harvest Moon, two completely different genres. Just explaining why you were wrong to equate the two.

        None of that matters, though, since no one wants this sad excuse of a “Harvest Moon” game, either way. They’d rather have Story of Seasons. lol


      3. I could possibly agree with everything also I didn’t expect this to be a debate lol more like a conversation yes it’s was pretty ignorant of me because I haven’t played any harvest moon games and I seen reviews on them they do look like funnI guess it’s how you worded it though you said you weren’t trying to be offensive yet, the wording said overwise sorry for the misunderstanding I literally don’t even like what they did to the harvest moon series, sorry of season looks good but which one do I start off with first any recommendations.


      4. I said no offense because Animal Crossing is a good franchise with ….mostly good games. lol (It didn’t deserve the crappy game it got on Wii U.) As for what game to start with, I guess it depends on what systems you got. The last true Harvest Moon games that were good were Tree of Tranquility & Animal Parade on the Wii; Animal Parade does have a game breaking glitch for the US copies that the localization team never bothered to fix so it might be best to get the former (Tree.) If you only got a Switch, PS4, and/or XBox One, the Story of Seasons games are the ones you’ll want to target since the Harvest Moon name belonged to the US localization team. Hence one of the reasons why Light of Hope sucks as it’s only Harvest Moon in name.


      5. About that rare game breaking glitch, it is supposedly rare so I guess you could risk getting Animal Parade but I recommend NOT buying that one as your first game into the franchise even if that game is actually superior to Tree of Tranquility in story & the overall layout of the world. It’s safer to go with Tree first then maybe get Animal Parade if you like the series enough & don’t mind risking such a glitch forcing you to restart a new save file.

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  1. Don’t be fooled by this cheap mobile phone knockoff. This is NOT Harvest Moon. The real series, called Farm Story in Japan (or Bokujo Monogatari), had to change their name from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons when the developer parted ways with their US publisher, Natsume.

    Natsume now is making their own games and using the Harvest Moon name even though these are not games from the Farm Story series by Marvelous Interactive.

    This has NOTHING to do with that franchise and Natsume is attempting to trick you out of your money by using the name Harvest Moon. That’s why it looks so garbage, because they don’t know how to make games.

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