Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Discussed The Total Sell-Through Of Kirby Star Allies & Bayonetta 2 Immediately After Their Releases

We had gotten an idea on the sales of Kirby Star Allies earlier this week, but Nintendo took a moment in their financial briefing to elaborate more on this, as well as Bayonetta 2’s sales. The total sell-through of Kirby Star Allies and Bayonetta 2 was discussed. This data applies to the time period immediately following their respective releases. Kirby Star Allies has been able to perform better than previous entries, and Bayonetta 2 managed to sell more than the original that was released on the Wii U:




    1. Personally i’d like super mario 3d world too, that game was good and the multiplayer option was one of the best and would be better with online multiplayer.

      Though i think that a switch port is almost guaranted because of captain toad: Treasure tracker, remember how the ending tied directly to 3d world and it also said that the adventure continued on that game…if i remember well, lol.


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