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Nintendo: “We Are Even Preparing New [3DS] Software For Release In 2019 & Beyond”

It is no secret that Nintendo is still very supportive of the 3DS, even though most of Nintendo’s attention has been directed towards the Switch. Well, the latest financial briefing from Nintendo says that Nintendo is “preparing new software for release in 2019 and beyond”, indicating Nintendo’s support of the 3DS is not going away for a long time. Here’s what was said:


33 thoughts on “Nintendo: “We Are Even Preparing New [3DS] Software For Release In 2019 & Beyond””

  1. Makes me wonder if they’re using these as a training ground for new talent. They wouldn’t want to throw untested folk on important projects when Nintendo relies so heavily on it’s own IPs.

    1. Tell me when they’re releasing a huge game like a brand new Zelda or Mario. Otherwise I don’t get what they think they’re doing giving it the kind of scraps we’ve been seeing. According to their report there’s only one third party game being localized for it this year. One. Are they just seeing how long it can last? Their shipment projections for this year are also only 4 million units. At this point it’s really being milked.

      1. 3DS games can be made fairly cheaply and quick, especially if you compare the art assets to Switch development. So even if it’s not seeing huge sales, it still brings in decent profits. And as a dad with a 4 year old who may show interest in games in the next year or so, I think a 2DS would be a more appropriate first console than a Switch.

        Also, since these are small teams working on these projects, I really doubt it would do much to shift their focus to Switch. It’s possible that they’re bringing in a profit that’s more useful to Switch development than having them actually developing for it, especially if they’re staffed with new blood.

  2. Will they be big new games or the small games and remakes we’ve been seeing since the Switch’s announcement?

    1. I’m guessing small games. The 3DS has such a huge install base, it makes sense they’d fart out some more small remakes and ports to make a quick buck. Even though I’m tired of the 3DS and I’d rather just see all of it on Switch haha.

  3. I wonder if this means that they want to make a successor of the 3DS? After all the New 3DS is an upgraded 3DS not a successor. As long as this doesn’t slow the sales of the Switch and its games, I won’t mind if they make a Super 3DS (a name I invented).

    1. If there was a successor a good amount of games announced for Switch wouldn’t be coming to Switch but instead the 3DS successor.

    2. I doubt they’d keep the 3D part of it, so maybe the Super DS. I think I’d be sad to see the dual screen console disappear… but I really have no use for one right now.

      1. The Switch is the one twid skipped 3D. The 3DS successor will have dual face-tracking glasses-free 3D screens with High-Dynamic-Range (think NTSC for Color TVs) and both screens will have capacitive touch screens since Resistive Touch Screens are opsulete now, plus reisitive touch screens don’t mix well with 3D anyways, but capacitive touch screens work great with 3D. Besides, Nintendo said they would never make something like the 2DS systems ever again. And 3D makes 240p become 2400p in clarity and anti-alising and it gives them an excuse to do higher pixel density like the 3DS having 800 instead of 400 pixels width. The 3DS successor needs to be as different from the Switch as possible anyways. And they can make it water proof and/or water resistance.

  4. So that means Nintendo is still supporting the Nintendo 3DS system and it’s software of games? Well I hate to say this but, I’m glad Nintendo decided to keep the 3DS system on its business cycle. Because people know that Nintendo hasn’t discontinued there system life support yet.

  5. I mean this is to be expected. It’s hard to just completely stop making software for a system with the install base that the 3DS has. But as we have seen from the last few directs, its mostly just a few small titles to get as much cash as they can before they bury it. Especially since FE, Pokemon and mainline SMT (not including the Strange Journey remake which is going to be on 3DS) have made the switch (pun completely intended) your’e going to get a few remakes, some smaller titles and a few neat little things here and there.

  6. Only way I can see them continuing support for 3DS is if they start slowly converting future 3DS titles to b exclusive to New 3DS models. Just my thought.

  7. I love the 3ds, but I think Nintendo should concentrate on a much more powerful home console that’ll be up there with the latest x box/PlayStation power, coz these 2 are gona release new consoles very soon and Nintendo will be behind in the power department again/still.
    The switch is amazing and it can end up being the portable Nintendo that you can play on your telly with a new home Nintendo console being sat lovely in your sitting room with lots of power and no excuse for third party’s to avoid it!

  8. So I guess the unified platform thing was thin air? We’ll see how long the software holds up when the US hardware numbers start to match the rest of the world.

  9. Finally news I can be happy for now maybe we can get some games like gundam the 3d battle at last or even the labryinth game by tri ace or even ex troopers on the 3ds and maybe even dragon quest x and 11?

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