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Kimishima Says That Nintendo’s Partnership With DeNA Will Continue

DualShockers have more information from the Q&A segment of Nintendo’s financial briefing. At this point in the Q&A, Nintendo’s mobile plans were the focus, including Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA. According to DualShockers, “Kimishima-san explained that despite the new business partnership with Cygames, Nintendo is very satisfied with its mobile business and with the various projects created in partnership with DeNA, so that will continue as well in the future”. DeNA doesn’t just assist with Nintendo’s mobile apps, but their Nintendo Account system “with technology and development support”. Kimishima said that “even in that field, the partnership will continue. The business alliance with DeNA and Cygames are different, and if necessary, Nintendo is open to partner with other companies as well in the future, in other to expand its mobile presence”.

As for Nintendo’s mobile plans as a whole, Kimishima says that Nintendo is still trying to expand their lineup of games. One of those games was Draglia Lost. Kimishima said that “Cygames had a plan for a title that was very deep. In order to make it available as one of Nintendo’s own mobile apps, they thought it was important to develop and operate it jointly, which is why the business partnership was created, and 5% of Cygames’ stock was acquired”. Nintendo’s plan for mobile games hasn’t changed. According to Kimishima, Nintendo’s mobile plans have two goals. He said that “first of all, by using its IP in mobile apps, the company wants to spread awareness about Nintendo’s characters, and ultimately they’d like it to become synergistic with the console business. Secondly, they’d like to make mobile games one of the pillars of revenue”.




  1. DeNA should have been fired (or whatever) after what they did to the Mario Party series.
    Mario Party 11 will have to be mighty good before I forgive DeNA for destroying the last two. Nintendo is too in the dark to see that DeNA ruined Mario Party 9 and 10.


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