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New Kirby Star Allies Dream Friends Have Been Datamined

It was not just Super Mario Odyssey that was datamined today. It turns out that Kirby Star Allies was also datamined, and the users have found new information that suggests that more Dream Friends are on the way. Apparently, there will be two more DLC waves coming, both of which containing a few Dream Friends. Some of the Dream Friends were major figures in the story. We’ve included the tweets relaying the information down below.




  1. Dark Metaknight seems like a weird one… He’s basically MK with a slash on his mask. Wonder why not another all new character. Gryll or Drawcia would have been cool but overall all the fan favorites are there.


  2. Ahhh I was hoping for the other 3 animal buddies from Dream Land 3 too.

    And maybe Galacta Knight instead of Dark Meta-Knight, but I guess Marx represents Superstar, so no Galacta Knight (they seem to be sticking to one rep per game)


    1. They relied too heavily on using Kirby as a weapon or being used as a weapon by Kirby to be standalone. They weren’t popular either so they kinda didn’t stand a chance… I’m just glad they’re here at all under the Cleaning ability-


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