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Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana For Nintendo Switch Runs At 30 FPS Docked And Handheld

Meaty JRPG Ys VIII Lacrimosa is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer and should provide some solid entertainment for Nintendo Switch owners. During a recent live stream of the game, NIS America confirmed that the adventure only runs at 30fps on the platform in both docked mode and handheld. Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana is currently on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.



10 thoughts on “Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana For Nintendo Switch Runs At 30 FPS Docked And Handheld”

    1. Each game is different so no you don’t have to know anything about the game. Story isn’t really a highlight of this game imo. the combat is fun though thats why I play them

  1. People sometimes forget that a game doesn’t have to run at 60 fps for it to be great. Although I wasn’t planning on getting this game, this news wouldn’t have deterred me if I was

  2. Well that’s unfortunate news 60fps would have been so silky smooth with the action based combat but I’ll still enjoy it on switch rather than PSVita, PS4 is out of the option for me cus I prefer handheld

  3. Does anything in the game require frame perfect inputs? Is it online so lag compounds frame issues? So no, like 99% of games, framrate doesn’t really matter in any way unless you’re less of a gamer than you are an A/V nerd.

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