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Video: North American New Nintendo 2DS XL Summer Commercials

Nintendo of America has uploaded two new commercials which give prospective owners of the New Nintendo 2DS XL a look at some of the many great games that are available on the handheld system. These include all the iconic franchises including Mario and Pokemon and many more. Take a watch of both videos below.

“The best summer getaway could be right on your hands with New Nintendo 2DS XL! Explore the Alola region to catch, battle and trade Pokémon. Hit the Mushroom Kingdom racetrack with Mario and friends. Join Mario, Pikachu, Link and more for an all-out showdown. Spend this summer with your favorite characters and play Nintendo 3DS games in 2D on New Nintendo 2DS XL!”

6 thoughts on “Video: North American New Nintendo 2DS XL Summer Commercials”

  1. The New 3DS XL might be phased out soon in favor of sticking to the 2DS models. They’re not advertising it at all and it sits on the shelves where I work.

    1. That would be a shame! :( Stereoscopic 3d is fantastic in lots of games, like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil Revelations. Plus it works even better on the New 3ds. And you only get half the pixels in 2d mode.

    2. If they clear them out at a good price I’ll probably grab one. The 2DS XL has been on sale for $129.99 at several places the last few weeks. I’d rather have the top of the line model though.

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