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US Gamer: “Why Pokemon Switch Almost Certainly Won’t Be Released in 2018”

We have heard mutterings around the internet for quite some time that the next game in the Pokemon series will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch at the end of the year. However, respected publication US Gamer isn’t quite so sure and has produced an option piece ahead of E3 contradicting the rumours. It’s a risky move from the publication with E3 being so close, so we shall have to see whether they are right.

Excitement for Pokemon on the Switch is growing. Every passing day brings with it new rumors and speculation. Will it be at E3? Will it be out in 2018? Surely Nintendo needs something massive this year, right? Well if you’re hoping for a big reveal this year, chances are you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.


28 thoughts on “US Gamer: “Why Pokemon Switch Almost Certainly Won’t Be Released in 2018””

    1. But how would they know though?
      No one knows what’s gonna be announced at this year’s E3 or whether Pokemon will be revealed this year, but I will mention that Pokemon Games usually begin development right after they’ve released new Pokemon game. So for all we know, this new Pokemon Game was in production after Sun and Moon as Ultra Sun/Moon are just the same Sun and Moon games with a different story. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this latest entry into the franchise could be revealed at E3 or possibly later this year in 2018.

      US Gamer are really just going off on their own guess as to whether the game will be released this year or not. I feel like it’ll release sometime in November with two alternate versions.

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  2. There are several problems with this small section alone. It says surely Nintendo needs something big this year suggesting they don’t consider Smash as big. They also say hoping for a reveal this year is setting yourself up for disappointment but it being revealed this year is a realistic expectation even if you don’t think it will be released. I expect it to be shown at some point this year, but possibly released next year.

    1. Agreed, I think we’ll get some sort of reveal and probably a much wanted reveal of mp4, but I expect neither of these games will be 2018.
      Last quarter of the year realistically I think we’re looking at smash, yoshi and maybe another MARIO game.

      1. The problem is, that both Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 won’t be coming out before 2019, but Nintendo has set their conservative expectations to 20M Switch units this fiscal year. That being said, Nintendo would have to put both of these before March 2019, which is unlikely. Also, Nintendo on all of their investor briefings marked Pokémon for the Switch as 2018 or later, while all other titles for the Switch were TBD, which means Nintendo really wants to release Pokémon in 2018 if possible. There is still an option that Nintendo has a lot of games for 2018 that they won’t talk about before E3, but given the current sales of the Switch it’d have to be really big. So to conclude this, I think Pokémon coming in 2018 is more likely than any other scenarios that would cause 20M Switch sales.

  3. I’m still running with the mindset that Nintendo wants to release it this year and is still working towards that goal with the option to fall back on an early 2019 date (Pokemon anniversary?) if need be. Nothing out of Nintendo has given me reason to think otherwise.

  4. Have people considered this is the Pokemon company and they have a routine. Usually they announce in May, and release in November. Sometimes they announce earlier, but rarely anything substantial before May.
    We have 3 weeks still before I’d give up. Famitsu leaks will he here within ~24 hours, and if not probably a pokemon Direct end of month. I very much doubt it’d be an E3 announcement though, that’s not how they role with mainseries games.

  5. USGamer hasn’t been much use since Jeremy Parish left. But besides that, we know that Nintendo is invested in supporting Game Freak for a 2018 release. That’s why they continue to list 2018 or later as a release date. They want it for Christmas and their sales expectations seem to plan on more than just Smash to carry them through the holidays.

    Without knowing when things started, and how dramatically the series is *ahem* evolving, the only thing we know is Nintendo wants it this year. It just may not make it.

  6. As long as they put the hints optional rather than the same hints pop in from rotom dex for the 500th time, I am fine with whatever release date they put for Pokémon Switch.

      1. I really hope so. Since they tried to make Sun/Moon and U.Sun/U.Moon games as kid friendly as possible (the game tells you which moves are effective), I have some doubts.

  7. Considering that they’re expecting to sell an extra 20 million consoles by March 2019, I do expect for it to come this year. I feel like their big hitters this year are going to be Super Smash, Pokemon, and Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo always shows their games when it’s closer to release. The fact that they announced Pokemon last year and Metroid Prime 4 kind of indicates a bigger reveal this e3, with a release this year.

    1. there is no chance metroid prime 4 is coming this year lol and Pokemon simply won’t be ready for this year

      the big games for this holiday will probably be Smash, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and maybe a new Mario, maybe a 2D Mario or Spin Offs, and MAYBE a new Pokemon Spin off, like Mystery Dungeon though that’s a Maybe, it depends

  8. Seems just like another rumor. My take is that Nin knows that Pokémon sells best at Christmas, so they try for a holiday release, but since we haven’t seen squat of the actual game, we don’t know if they’ll announce tomorrow that itllbe it’ll out in July, or if by December they’ll go “sorry!” No matter what they’re original plans were, they could be behind or not, so who knows.

  9. Well, the thing is, if people are telling themselves it will definitely come out this year then they are setting themselves up for a fall because Gamefreak straight up said it may not come out in 2018. Besides, I don’t mind waiting, we got plenty of gems on the way like Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Tennis Aces, Bayonetta 3, Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and probably a load of games we don’t know about.
    Don’t want our wallets to be even more burned!

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