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Monolith Soft Recruiting For Latest Project

The team over at Monolith Soft is actively recruiting at the moment for their latest project. The acclaimed team is looking for a Technical Artist, Programmer, Planner and Designer, for whatever it is they are working on at present. The company’s latest game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch is out now.


8 thoughts on “Monolith Soft Recruiting For Latest Project”

  1. This is exciting. Last time out, they were looking to recruit someone who was good at world building, with a focus on developing cultures and so on. Also combined with the fact that their next title looks like a Western RPG, this might be really great for Switch.

  2. Now that I sadly know of the big reveal of Xenoblade 2’s Architect, (thankfully I don’t know much else beyond that) I can’t wait for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. ***Spoilers*** Since the Architect is Klaus who created the universe of the first Xenoblade & is Zanza’s original self as Zanza is a part of Klaus’s spirit, I wonder if the events of Xenoblade Chronicles & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 take place at the same time as each other in their respective dimensions. If they do, will XC3 be both of their worlds fused into one? I could probably find out by checking out the ending for XC2 but I don’t want to risk it.

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