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Wolfenstein II Nintendo Switch File Size Requires 23GB Of Free Space

Those of you looking to purchase the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus digitally will need plenty of free space on your Micro-SD Card. The official Nintendo UK site has revealed that you will need a whopping 23GB of free space if you plan on downloading the gory shooter. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus arrives on the Nintendo Switch on June 26th.


39 thoughts on “Wolfenstein II Nintendo Switch File Size Requires 23GB Of Free Space”

    1. It may be even worse, I’ve heard rumours that they’re using an 8GB cartridge for Wolfenstein 2. Cheap skates.

      1. @don bilbo:
        But they will be like Capcom, letting you download most of the game. Or do you really think the downloadsize is 23GB but the physical copy only comes at 8GB? They already said that parts of the physical copy will have to be downloaded.

  1. Is this 2018? Instead of spending 350 bucks on the portal crap they could have made a 250 buck powerfull console with 1tb and loads of other functions + full third party support but no why would you, that market is already taken right.

    1. Why? That’s not very Nintendo. You can’t make Nintendo games with hardware that isnt very Nintendo.

      You highly underestimate what the 1tb means in other consoles. Slow 5400 RPM mechanical drives that are slower than molasses, Besides the Switch is a hybrid home console, not a portable. It has a lot of the same functions of the other consoles, in a smaller form factor.

      1. Those “slow as molasses” 5400 RPM hard drives are faster than Switch cartridges. The bandwidth on those laptop HDDs are 60-110 MB/s and Switch cartridges are 25 MB/s .

      2. I did a CrystalMark test on my laptop hard drive before replacing it with a SSD. It was actually more like 50MB/s read and write. But that was only peak SEQUENTIAL speeds. Larger 512k files are like 20MB/s and random speeds of small 4k files is more like 0.5-1MB/s and a que depth of 32 files(a bunch of files are placed in que then read) is more like 3-8MB/s. They are slow as molasses in real world speeds.

        1. Your numbers are way off. The numbers I posted are from my own benchmarks of the drives that shipped with PS4 and XBO. And considering I’ve been using one mechanical hard drive to edit a 1TB film with the majority of it being 60 MB/s video for the past 7 months, I call bullshit on your numbers. No healthy mechanical hard drive will peak at 50MB/s unless you’re at the very end of the disk.

          Plus sequential speeds are the most relevant speeds for games. A file size of 512k isn’t that large at all for games. A mip-mapped 1024×1024 texture will be around 1.33MB and be in groups of at least three: an albedo map, a normal map, and roughness map which would make a file around 4MB. Textures are often paired with their respective models and objects of a certain time are also usually packaged together which leads to a lot of single large files.

          For example, the majority of the files in Xenoblade Chronicles X are a collection of files ranging from hundreds of MBs to over 1 GB. Similarly, each level of Donkey Kong: Tropic Freeze was it’s own file ranging from 100-230 MBs.

    2. Actually no, a 1TB would require a mechanical magnetic hard drive. No way you want something like that in a handheld, remember all the old magnetic drive ipods out there and how many failed. I think a micro-SD was the best way to go, especially since you can put a 128gb or 256GB in there, far less prone to failure in the hands of a child.

      Unfortunately nintendo is still on their old business model they used back in the NES days where they sold a proprietary chip the game manufacturers. To ensure they got their cut.

      1. Fair enough but I don’t want a handheld to begin with , already got a phone. The only reason why I have a 2ds is because of Pokemon and the price of 100 euro’s. I rather see a dedicated home console so all resources are spend on that , wich also allows for a full library of third party like the Nes,Snes,Gamecube. If more power means more games i’m all for it , thats why I buy a console to begin with. I don’t really care for indies or none triple A titles most of the time wich is what Nintendo is all about besides there first party in the past 10-15 years.

      2. The chips aren’t directly made by Nintendo anymore, even the vita game card it unique to the system o3o it’s so you dont mix unsupported hardware together and as well keeps pirates from easily dumping all the games online

      3. Found this on Nintendo’s Game card wiki for the switch:
        “The cartridges come in a variety of capacities: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.[16] 64GB cartridges were planned to be introduced in the second half of 2018, but due to unspecified circumstances Nintendo has delayed the launch of this variant until 2019.[17]”

    3. Yeah Nintendo obviously made the wrong decisions. that’s why the Switch happens to be such a flop. And creating another wannabe-high-end console (for 250 bucks? !!??) would have been a superwise decision which would have sold at LEAST 2 million units!!!! Absolutely, hey people come closer we have some industry-insider here sharing his knowledge.

      1. Sales don’t mean shit to me , for me its all about the games specially big triple A titles thats why I buy a console in the first place, Nintendo used to offer this back in the days probally before you where born though. The WII had great sales aswell cause people who never play video games bought one cause they like Tennis, Golf ect. that doesn’t make it a great game library. You can downgrade my comments, but I spoke to people that work for Nintendo who agreed with me or understood my opinion but said its all about the money and not so much about the game library beeing for everyone.

      2. Sales don’t mean much to me , for me its all about the games specially big triple A titles thats why I buy a console in the first place, Nintendo used to offer this back in the days probally before you where born though. The WII had great sales aswell cause people who never play video games bought one cause they like Tennis, Golf ect. that doesn’t make it a great game library. You can downgrade my comments, but I spoke to people that work for Nintendo who agreed with me or understood my opinion but said its all about the money and not so much about the game library beeing for everyone.

      3. I wouldn’t consider the Switch a flop, the wii-u was a flop for sure, but the switch if forecasted to hit 30 million units this december 2018. The PS4 in contrast has sold about 80 million units thus far, however, consider that the PS4 was released for the holiday of 2013. The switch was released just over 1 year ago in march 2017. Now consider the Xbox One, it’s only sold about 35 million units and was also released in 2013. If anything, the Xbox one is a flop.

      4. @Need this is obviously snark/sarcasm. The Switch is selling faster than any Nintendo system ever, and is neck and neck aligned with the PS4.

  2. So if nintendo made any dedicated console like the xbox one, the sales figures probably would have been more like the Wii-U, selling $15 million units in it’s lifetime. As a parent, a portable unit is nice, and little kids don’t care about crazy good graphics. Plus cell shaded games don’t need alot of GPU power.

    1. Its not about the power necessarily , but I do feel thats one of the main reasons why allot of great games have skipped Nintendo in the past 10-15 years. I liked portable as a child aswell with the gameboy but I was one of the few people at school that even played video games, these days you got phones and tablets. That said your paying allot of money for with 350 euro’s , compared to 175 euros for a ps4 for example even though thats a 4.5 year old console. That said I would have to buy a switch for Zelda,Pokemon and Metroid and thats pretty much it. Havent enjoyed Mario as much since the n64 , Mario Kart is great if your with your friends every day of the week, wich we got to old for. Most other franchises are still the same as the Snes days or dead.

      1. I didn’t realize it was $420 USD over there, wow. Over here, the Nintendo switch is the same price as a PS4 and the Xbox One is about $50 cheaper. Microsoft severely cut the price of Xbox due to poor sales, hoping to make the money back on game sales. You must have some sort of tariff or taxes on the Nintendo switch to make the price so high. I think the PS4 is made in Japan, which the EU has a free trade agreement with, which is why it has no tariff’s, whereas the Switch is made in China and is subject to massive tariffs.

      2. Indeed you don’t but I don’t enjoy it on my own , during the n64 I would be with friends every weekend getting wasted and playing Mario in the middle of the night.Specially Battle mode was fun back than.

    2. I don’t know where everybody is getting that a dedicated Nintendo console would have been a flop. You can still make a dedicated home console and still have it be unique.

    1. I only have a PC and Switch. Microsoft Xbox one sales are low, compared to the 360, so they started trying to appeal to PC gamers, which is a big win for me as they’re starting to offer more cross platform as well as cross-purchase play. You can buy most of the upcoming microsoft exclusives on PC, which mine has a 2TB 7200rpm drive and a 525GB SSD. Everything I want is on PC, but for my small child, I had to buy the switch for portability and also child appropriate exclusives which are hard to find on any other platform.

    1. o3o doesn’t mean you should fuck them, may so applaud nintendo and the 3rd party who was able to get wolfenstein to run on 9 watts of power

    2. I rather play it on the comfort of my couch , infront my 4k tv and sound system though. That said this whole debate is stupid , people should be happy that theres competition , altough I don’t see much use for microsoft , in its current state. In the end they all make games wich is the only thing that matters , and they push eachother to be better. Look at Fifa its still the same shit as 10 years ago cause they got no competition , and for the people who follow football Messi wouldn’t be as good withouth Ronaldo and the other way around.

    3. No. We can’t agree on that because not everybody prefers the compromise. I would have rather had a dedicated handheld and a dedicated console with a shared library. That way I get the best of both worlds.

      Of course, had that happened, and Nintendo’s dedicated console was more capable than Sony’s or Microsoft’s then you’d be doubting power as well.

  3. All of this because of a stupid port xD Look people we know companies are cheap stakes, but let’s face it, if they’re still going to get all the money in the world thanks to the Switch, they don’t give a crap just like Capcom and the Megaman collections. Yes they should invest in bigger cartridges, but knowing people HAVE to buy an SD card for their Switch well…

    1. Fact is, they couldn’t put a large 120mm blue ray drive on the switch, which has 50GB of space. So they have to use the next best thing, digital downloads and gamecards. Nintendo needs their cut, so does gamestop, so game developers need to shave off a few dollars and just get the 8GB cards and supplement with digital downloads.

  4. Don’t understand all the complaints about this. Are people still trying to get by using the 32gb inbuilt storage? I bought a 125gb card at launch for around £35 and have 52 games, a mixture of physical (some with extra download like Doom) and digital and I still have 30gb left. I don’t see the big problem? Sure we’d all prefer to have companies use the bigger cartridges and have everything on them but the reality is that publishers are cutting costs for more profit. The solution though is simple and relatively inexpensive, although I understand not everyone will feel this is the case.

    1. It would be nice if the whole game was able to fit on a cartridge. Many christmas morning where the kids will open up a switch and can’t play their game because there isn’t enough room and the parents can’t simply go out and buy a microSD.

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