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Rumour: Pokemon Lets GO! Pikachu And Pokemon Let’s GO! Eevee Could Be Pokemon Switch Titles

A logo has surfaced online purporting to be for Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch. Before you get too excited the image did originate from 4Chan so it is dubious at best. However, the names of the two games Pokemon Let’s GO! Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s GO! Eevee do tie in with what Emily Rogers mentioned earlier in her blog post and we reported on. She hasn’t commented on the newly discovered logo or the game’s name. Still, Emily said that we should expect a reveal of Pokemon Switch later this month.


Thanks to those who sent this in.

45 thoughts on “Rumour: Pokemon Lets GO! Pikachu And Pokemon Let’s GO! Eevee Could Be Pokemon Switch Titles”

  1. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

    Probably false. Gamefreak said they were core games, not spin-off

    1. oh boy, can’t wait for those gen 1 remakes! because they totally haven’t pandered to gen 1 for the last like, 3 years!

  2. The series has been on a downfall slope since gen 6 for me. I had hopes for the switch but cant say im suprised

    1. I kind of agree with you. X and Y were very disappointing to me and while I preferred Sun and Moon, they weren’t up to the standard of the first 5 gens. Hoping this is much better than the names suggest, if they’re true!

    1. Hmmmm… Could be completely fake… But if it is real, there isn’t much about the core gameplay here, so I don’t think people should assume its a cheap spin-off until there is concrete info or jump to critical conclusions because of dumb titles.

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  4. News Adming, there is a certain youtuber who has give additional information about this rumor, but I can’t find the tip option so tell you who is.

  5. the last great Pokemon game i played and still play is SoulSilver ( for obvious reasons ). I play Alpha Sapphire now and then, but the newer games lack a certain nostalgia that i feel is very hard to replicate, simplicity sometimes is the best thing. The newer Ultra evolutions or whatever it’s called feels like a forced push just to keep the franchise alive/fresh/current but that’s just my opinion.

    Hopefully the new games will be massive and have a lot of depth to the world, it’s gotta be big.

  6. The titles are kinda interesting, Pikachu and Evee, the Pokemon of Ash and Gary. I’m actually curious to see what this is gonna be.

  7. You know, this doesn’t technically mean anything bad. All it is is a (potential) title. It could still be a great game. No need to freak out.

    1. Nvm, the “Let’s Go!” bit threw me off. I really hope they won’t pick names like that… I don’t want to say something like “Hey! I play Pokemon Eevee!”

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  9. Though these names suck ass, the idea of Pikachu & Eevee being mascots for a new mainline Pokemon game would be awesome. Especially Eevee since Pikachu was the mascot for Pokemon Yellow already. If Eevee is ever gonna get a dragon evolution, it’d be sweet if that dragon evolution was a Legendary. Thanks to Sun/Moon, there is now a precedent (to use a legal term) for a non-Legendary Pokemon to evolve into a Legendary Pokemon. And with the recent reveal that Pikachu was meant to have an evolution after evolving into Raichu, maybe they could bring that back & have that ALSO be a legendary. Boom! There ya go: Pikachu & Eevee as mascots for new mainline Pokemon games!

    1. They could be at the forefront with their Legendary evolution being in the background of the icon for the game on the Switch’s main menu screen. Obviously, Pikachu & Eevee would be small at the forefront with their evolutions being big in the background.

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