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Nintendo And Bandai Namco Announce Go Vacation For Nintendo Switch Coming 27th July

A resort vacation is always at your fingertips with the new GO VACATION game for the Nintendo Switch system. From sky diving and beach volleyball to tennis and even snowball fights, Kawawii island offers something for everyone, with more than 50 different games and activities to enjoy. Check out a new trailer for the game by visiting

Created by acclaimed developer BANDAI NAMCO, GO VACATION includes a variety of cooperative and competitive games that can be played solo or with up to four players via a single Nintendo Switch system or local wireless (additional accessories are required and are sold separately). Several activities offer the option to use motion controls, making swinging your tennis racket and throwing snowballs even more fun and immersive.

Discover new surprises each day as you adventure through the four different resort areas on Kawawii island. While exploring – either on foot, on horseback, on a snowmobile or more – you’ll discover numerous collectibles, challenges and other opportunities to level up and customize your character. Decorate your own villa, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the food trucks and snap in-game photos of the dozens of adorable animals hiding in each resort. Regular challenges and presents, like special costumes and different dog breeds, will keep you coming back for hours of Kawawii island adventures.

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12 thoughts on “Nintendo And Bandai Namco Announce Go Vacation For Nintendo Switch Coming 27th July”

  1. If this has fun controls, I’m all in, as it seems good to play with casual videogame playing friends. Also, was there a Mole Mania reference near the end?

    1. No not sports resort 2, much better it’s go vacation. My kids are going to live this. This is one of the wii games they still play as recently as last week. I hope they ad a bunch of content and improve the graphics. My kids love having a pet, decorating thier house and running all around the island. It’s so much fun to just ride the train or kyak down the river. I have even played this with them.

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