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Video: Nintendo – What Kind Of Game Is Captain Toad?

The adorable Wii U hit Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS this summer. To give those who have never played the title an idea of what to expect, Nintendo has released a new trailer. This particular trailer outlines the following way to play:

  1. Try to get to the Power Star
  2. Rotate the course to discover the way there
  3. Move around platforms to discover the way  there
  4. Reach the goal



    1. The Nintendo Direct earlier this year; that revealed a binch of Stereoscopic 3D games like Dillon Dead Heat & Luigi’s Mansion 3D re-release. Now I’m just waiting for the Disney 3D re-release of Deadpool & Kingsman 1 & 2 (Deadpool 2 3D will clearly come out separately from Deadpool 1 for their 3D re-release).

      Anyways, with any dual release, you can tell which is the definitive version from if they didn’t or did disable the 3D effect for the 3DS version. Captain Toad only has Touch & Motion controls on the 3DS version only, and therefore of course has Stereoscopic 3D as well. Unlike Virtual Reality, the 3DS is actually successful with its implementation of Face-Tracking Glasses-Free 3D, unlike VR glasses-free 3D that just isn’t appealing beyond a niche demographic. #KeepIt100 #RealTalk #New3DS #VR

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