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Code Of Princess EX Coming To Nintendo Switch On 31st July

We’ve finally received a release date for Code of Princess EX for the Nintendo Switch. The colourful title will be arriving on the 31st of July. To celebrate the announcement we’ve got a new trailer for the game which you can view below.

Launch Edition copies of Code of Princess EX for Nintendo Switch will include two bonus goodies: a full-color instruction booklet and a 3-inch soundtrack sampler audio CD! This hybrid beat-’em-up/role-playing game has crazy replayability, with multiple game modes, online and offline multiplayer and over 50 playable characters, each of which can be upgraded to increase their abilities in six different categories.

7 thoughts on “Code Of Princess EX Coming To Nintendo Switch On 31st July”

  1. So glad more people will get a chance to play this game, it’s very underrated.

    It has a short campaign, but the online multiplayer adds some replayability. Plus, you can replay any level with any character you meet in the campaign as well.

    I’d give the game an 8/10. Definitely worth the $40 if you haven’t played it before.

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