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Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked (20% Off) Is Ending

Many of you in the United States are members of Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked scheme which allows you to get substantial discounts on video games. It has been revealed today via Twitter that the service is sadly coming to an end. Members will be able to get discounts until their membership expires but you will not be able to reapply once it comes to an end. New subscriptions have also been canceled.



  1. I asked Best Buy support on Twitter to make sure this was true, and it is.
    I did, however, tell them to at least pass on to the higher-ups that a lot of us will miss it dearly. This reply from the Support, I’d like to believe, should be retweeted a lot. MAY be then, they’ll save it like a certain show recently was saved. It’s worth a shot, imo.

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    1. Related to the post and I just now thought about it…
      They’re demoting the deal to what Target currently offers: something like 5-10 bucks on a gift card if you preorder in their stores. Still a bad deal either way you put it, but might be slight influence.


    1. The GCU was nice because it was 20% off no matter when the game came out or if there was another sale. So you could pick up some good deal, or get something you didn’t preorder. Not that it matters anymore, I guess.

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  2. well shit…
    That was one of the only reasons I shopped at BB in the first place…

    And They are not even saying why, it was a good deal, and has current potential — what is going on with them??? New ugly logo, cancellation of GCU, elite/plus nurfs… are they under new management or something??

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