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Little Nightmares Complete Edition Now Available On Nintendo Switch

BandaiNamco Entertainment has informed press that Little Nightmares Complete Edition is finally available digitally for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

The Maw’s demand for more victims never subsides! Now its hunger and horrors will claim owners of the Nintendo Switch. LITTLE NIGHTMARES Complete Edition has been retailored for the Nintendo Switch; featuring 720p (upscale) resolution and 30FPS when the game is experienced in Handheld Mode and 720p (native) resolution and 30 FPS in TV mode. Players can now enjoy this unique frightful experience anytime and anywhere on the Nintendo Switch.

The LITTLE NIGHTMARES Complete Edition will also contain content from previous pre-order bonuses such as the Upside-Down Teapot and Scarecrow Mask. All of the additional stories from The Secret of the Maw Expansion Pack are included to heighten the eerie experience. LITTLE NIGHTMARES Complete Edition will enable players to experience separate stories through the eyes of the game’s main protagonist Six and The Runaway Kid. Lastly, players will be able to outfit Six and The Runaway Kid with an exclusive Pakku Mask which can be unlocked in the Extras menu once a PAC-MAN amiibo is scanned.

11 thoughts on “Little Nightmares Complete Edition Now Available On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I just heard someone on YouTube (RGT85) say there isn’t going to be a physical version of this game. Which completely destroyed my plans to buy it on Switch. I guess I should have just got the PS4 version long ago like I was going to.

    1. If there was a physical version it would be no different from the digital version, I assure you. So to miss out on a game because of the format on which it’s released is a hilariously awful decision, but it’s your own self-imposed loss.

      1. It’s a matter of system space, which isn’t that much compared to other systems I hear, and part of the reason why so many people were peeved when Yooka-Laylee on the Switch wasn’t getting a physical release (despite it being a good game).

    2. I imported mine because I found out last minute we weren’t getting a physical version here. It never went up for preorder on Amazon, and Gamestop had it online until last week then took it down. I ordered from Play-asia because the EU english-language version is on cartridge. Same with Super Chariot and Urban Trial.

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