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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Will Be Updated To Version 1.4.1 Tomorrow

The official Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles Twitter account has made an interesting announcement today. Tomorrow, Monolith Soft and Nintendo will be updating Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to version 1.4.1. When the update arrives, Expansion Pass owners will be able to check out some new quests. We’ve included the official tweet for you down below.



  1. I know I might have the unpopular opinion here, but being a die hard Nintendo fan, this is one series I just don’t care for. I bought the one on Switch and tried to like it, but it’s battle style felt like some kind of prototype on a PS1…

    1. I would still highly recommend giving the first one a shot, I vastly prefer it to the second one in story, characters, art style, and world.

    2. I have a similar opinion regarding Kirby. I’ve only played one game in the series & I lost interest after a couple of hours of playing it. I’d be totally up for a spin off series where you play as Meta Knight with completely different gameplay, though.

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