Nintendo Switch

Superhot Developer Would Like To Bring Game To Nintendo Switch

VR title Superhot could well come to the Nintendo Switch. Speaking to Superhot director Piotr Iwanicki, Destructoid found out that he believes the game could work perfectly on the popular Nintendo Switch system. Mr. Iwanicki says that there are plans to bring the game to the system, but presumably they are in the early stages.

“There are plans. It should be there. There’s a conflict with me because I’m the guy who will just say everything up front but the plans are there and we’ve done some preliminary work on it. It still has no date or anything. But I think it should happen. The Switch is a cool platform and it’s an innovative platform. [Nintendo] rediscovered something that was already there. Nintendo is good with their stuff. Superhot would fit there well.”


Many thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip.



  1. I picked up this game when it was free on Xbox Gold, and it was quite interesting and fun. Definitely a game that fits the Switch.


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