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SEGA Working On New Sonic Game That Is Most Likely Sonic Racing

SEGA has hidden a tease in a recent tweet which was picked up by the folks over at Reset Era. The tweet reveals that they are preparing their next game which is most likely the Sonic Racing title which was teased. Hopefully more will be divulged by the company during E3 next month.

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    1. I wish Sega would go back to the 1st party race. I think I would rather have Sega at Nintendo’s throat than have Sega keep crossing over with Nintendo.


    2. That would be corporate suicide. SEGA can not afford to make consoles and games anymore and thinking they could is just asinine at this point. Besides that, we now live in a video game age where a new console war would not be beneficial to either participants


  1. I would joke that the R stands for “R-featuring Sally Acorn”, but I don’t think Sonic deserves Sally anymore.


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