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Build-A-Bear Workshop Teases The Pokemon Event On 31st Of May 2018

It sounds as though the Pokemon event is certainly happening on the 31st of May 2018. The latest party to tease the event is The Build-A-Bear Workshop who advises Pokemon fans to get ready for the upcoming big reveal. Have a look at their tweet below.


25 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear Workshop Teases The Pokemon Event On 31st Of May 2018”

    1. No it isn’t Pokemon fans like me have waited nearly 25 years for a open world online Pokemon on a home console! This is going to be a huge hit or a huge dissapointment. This has to be the Breath of the Wild of the Pokemon franchise when we are talking about modernizing a game.

      1. So am I , cause knowing Nintendo they won’t give the fans what they want. They don’t like making loads of money at Nintendo otherwise we would have had a console Pokemon 15 years ago , not to mention movies and series of franchises ages ago, not to mention merchandise , I called stuff like amiibo way before they actually made it not to mention other stuff like the lack of Nintendo Funko pop or way more merchandise to begin with. Stubborn bastards those Japanese people. And lets not get started on the Power/Online support ect. debate with the home consoles.

    1. I don’t see kids here all I see is an internet user assuming that other internet users are kids joke aside Emily roger or not it’s obvious going to be something build a bear work shop related instead of a Pokemon game being reveal for the switch build a bear even teases it and, even the previous Pokemon tweet that said shocking news got remove and was change to Pokemon information, not to mention that this information will be showcase on a children Japan show, people thought the announcement was going to be yesterday yet they set themselves up for disappointment, I have a feeling this is going to be just like the surprise labo event that took place in February

      1. +FelixGray
        Granted not all the comments on this page are childish, I just find it amusing that even little things like this page are still causing people to prepare for disappointment. And the people that got excited over the Nintendo Labo were fools, Nintendo said even before it was announced that it was “meant for kids and adults with kids-minds” so if they were getting their hopes up like it’s something big then they had themselves to blame.
        Besides, when I said “kids” I wasn’t just referring to this page, I was also referring to the last few Pokemon pages we’ve had, the responses I had to my comment about Emily clearly proved that.

    2. Eh, there’s only like a few amusing comments in this article honestly. There’ll probably be better ones in the eventual article for this reveal on May 31st.

  1. Only way I can see this making sense is if they’re announcing stuffed animals to coincide with game information, but not really sure how they’re going to do that since we already have Eevee and Pikachu along with the starters.

  2. Let us remember, there’s a brand new movie coming out as well. Is it possible with so many outlets, not gaming related sharing details, that this big news could ha e something to do with that? They revealed the newest Pokémon on a tv show in Japan as well while airing a new trailer. Either way it’ll be interesting and hopefully great news as I’m actually looking forward to the new movie as well. Game details would be beyond hype however assuming it’s a real Pokémon game and not some strange spinoffs.

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