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Mega Man 11 Coming To Nintendo Switch On 2nd October

Update: The game is currently $30 on Amazon 

Mega Man fans will be immensely happy to hear that Mega Man 11 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 2nd of October. Capcom also released a new video for the long-awaited entry in the Mega Man franchise which you can watch in the tweet below. There will also be a Mega Man 11 amiibo edition especially for the Nintendo Switch. Anyway, enjoy the video!

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11 thoughts on “Mega Man 11 Coming To Nintendo Switch On 2nd October”

  1. Let me guess. The amiibo edition comes with only the amiibo etc., and a download code for Mega Man 11? I passed on Sonic Mania when I heard it only came with a download code instead of a physical game. This digital stuff is turning me off from being a gamer.

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