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Oha Suta Set To Feature “Shocking” Pokemon News May 31st “A Whole New History”

It seems as though there’s a good chance that Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch will be revealed this week. Japanese Variety Show, Oha Suta, is set to share what they call “shocking” Pokemon news on May 31st. It is listed as “a moment a new history is born.” Reset Era member Dweeble says “It’s very unlikely for a Pokémon game to be exclusively revealed on a Japanese show in this day and age, so we can probably expect a full reveal either today or tomorrow.”


52 thoughts on “Oha Suta Set To Feature “Shocking” Pokemon News May 31st “A Whole New History””

  1. Two days ago Madura tweeted about looking to the end of the month, maybe this is what he was referring to?

    1. Emily Rogers is the spitting image of a broken clock. Stop acting like people don’t have reason to doubt her validity.

    2. To be fair there has been a Nintendo Direct in May every year for the last 5 years and Pokémon is one of the biggest games we’re still waiting on news from it was kinda obvious something was coming. They’re planning on releasing the game this year and it’s Pokémon they never wait to E3 for Pokémon. She’s not an insider she just guesses using past patterns and hopes to get lucky.

      1. It’s also pretty funny that every single time there’s any kind of “POKÉMON MIGHT BE COMING MAYBE” posts there’s always comments like this saying “SEE EMILY WAS RIGHT WHY ARE YOU STILL DENYING SERVES YOU RIGHT PESSIMISTS” then 2 days later nothing’s been revealed still. This is like the 5th time this month.

    3. Now the question is: Will this new Pokénews be as “shocking” as Oha Suta says it’ll be? I’m going to guess and say probably not. But we’ll see.

  2. I been seeing info that says they will talk about the new Pokémon movie and talk about zeraora, I’m going to take all this with a grain of salt I want to see what’s this game actually going to be so bad, I remember when they were trying to say that the switch will appear at the Tokyo game show but it didn’t and it was reveal later on, fingers cross for a game reveal tho :)

  3. If a Pokemon Direct is gonna drop it will happen today in 4 and a half hours of me posting or tomorrow 28 and a half hours after my post, as its 11pm in Japan, Europe its the afternoon and The US its morning, so fingers crossed eh?

  4. Yes, they will certainly announced the biggest game of the year in terms of sales potential exclusively on a japanese only tv show. It’s most certainly not referring to the new legendary electric pokemon.

  5. Last month I could say I was most hyped to see more about smash Bros, now as I hear more and more about Pokemon Switch, some of the hype is leaking down to that as well

  6. All new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Let’s GO Pikachu and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Let’s GO Eevee featuring Pokémon from the Alolan region – September N3DS, compatibility with Pokémon Go and will allow you to take your team leader with you at all times and find exclusive items
    No other *NEW* Pokémon game will be announced as they still have a long way to go.
    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon will be release, not revealed but released, in the Nintendo eShop immediately after the announcement for the Nintendo Switch. It will sell as a pack for 59.99. Constant 30fps, no Pokemon Bank on launch. Pokémon-Refresh feature will be removed and replaced with a brand new alternative to care for your Pokémon using motion control.
    All this will be announced this May 31st at a japanese variety show and then internationally this June 1st.

    1. Please tell me that’s all bullshit. I heard a rumour for a Pokemon Yellow remake and I will accept nothing less.

      1. As far as I’m concerned, as long as there’s a sizeable amount of new Pokemon to collect, the games are still worth buying.

        But if all you care about is new gimmicks, then go play Mario. It’s called Pokemon for a reason.

        1. I mean, if you like wasting your money on boring collect-a-thons that are almost a carbon copy of each other with small features added in to make it a tiny bit different from the previous installment, then more power to you.

              1. Because those two games in the entire franchise don’t have content to collect in the game. Oh wait….

                Also, do you like animals, or zoos for that matter?

                1. Those two games I mentioned are fighting games so they don’t need to rely on collecting things to add replay value. (Hopefully by “content to collect” you’re not referring to the items you use in a match because those don’t count as collectibles) Filling the Pokedex becomes a chore after a while. Not to mention, you have to basically grind IVs for hours and hours to even stand a chance against a lot of the people you face online and I’d rather be using that time playing another game than do that.

                  “Also, do you like animals, or zoos for that matter?”

                  What does this have to do with anything? That’s a very weird question to ask. If you’re accusing me of not liking animals because I don’t like Pokemon anymore, then that is a very dumb accusation to make. There are obviously people in the world that like animals but don’t like Pokemon. Heck, I even have a friggin’ cat as my avatar, so that should already answer that question for you.

      2. I only asked to if you like animals (and zoos) because that’s how many of us got into (and stuck with) Pokemon in the first place, and why new Pokemon are the reason we stay excited for each new generation. If you’re not into the animal almanac or bestiaries, I can see why new Pokemon each generation alone isn’t enough to keep you interested in the franchise (unless some brand-new, yet intrusive formula-altering gimmick of BotW levels in added into future games).

        But don’t think I haven’t gotten bored with filling up the National Dex. Nowadays, I only go after the new regional Pokemon, and create diverse party sets to max out to level 100 and enter in the Hall of Fame (even if S/M won’t let me do this now). But for completing the National Dex in future games, they should make it where if you migrate a Pokemon from a previous generation, data of previous stages it evolved from (such as a Pidgeot who evolved all the way from a Route 1 Pidgey you caught early on, as opposed to a Machamp you caught as a Machoke you caught in Victory Road) will automatically be entered in your Pokedex, without having to catch/breed yet another of the same Pokemon all over again.

        I mean, how many Zubats have we caught, evolved, and/or nicknamed by now? If this was Ash doing this each gen, then each of his Pokemon would feel as cheap as his 30 Tauros.

        1. That’d be a great idea for those that haven’t spent the last 10-15 years amassing a collection of Every. Single. Pokemon. in the franchise. I started anew with my Pokemon collection in Diamond & Pearl when I got one (or both) of them back in 2007/08. Finally completed my very first National Dex by having one of each in OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire & did the same with X/Y by trading the ones I got on OR/AS to X/Y. I hope to do it a 3rd time if they bring the NatDex back in the next gen.

  7. I didn’t want to get in on this but I cannot stay out any longer. You people that are throwing shade and disrespect to Emily Rogers need to grow up. Throwing this sort of crap at her because she has an imperfect track record is not only disrespectful but also hypocritical if you support another person that does the same thing. Let me tell you this; No leaker has a 100% clean track record, go and find me 1 that has absolutely never been wrong and everything they have said has proven true, you won’t find 1, even the most credible sources have been wrong at times. I’ve been following leakers for years and none of them have ever been 100% right, they have always been wrong at times and Emily Rogers is no exception. My point is; Just because Emily has had some incorrect statements in the past doesn’t mean she’s full of nonsense, there has also been plenty of times she’s gotten thing right and before you come at me with “Oh she just got lucky”, that’s ludicrous, there is no way she could have the track record she does just from guessing, nobody’s luck is that good. If you don’t want to believe her, that’s fine, I’m not telling you to but the stuff people are throwing her way like “She should be blacklisted” or “Em-Meh-Ly Rogers” is just childish and pathetic.

    1. All I heard reading your comment was “waaah waaah waaahh random people hate a nobody called random who I love so much waaahhh me want my milky bottle 🍼 waahh”

    2. Why exactly is a leaker that is wrong more times they are right credible? This is more than “some” incorrect statements, that would be something like that guy being right about Rainbow Rocket and new pokes, but wrong about new alolan forms. He still said had about 80% accuracy and that’s what I would call credible. If somebody has less than 50% accuracy, and you have to assume the information is fake more often than you think it’s real, it’s perfectly reasonable that there’s people tired of this bs when her information is being spouted everywhere as if she’s a very accurate leaker among the community.

      1. +ShinyGold2
        I can’t remember what page it was on but there was someone that shared a list of all the things Emily has gotten right and even I was surprised how much she’s gotten right.
        I’m not even trying to pass her off as an “accurate leaker”, there’s plenty out there that have a much better track record than she does but I also don’t think that justifies all the disrespect and flack she keeps getting. Sorry but this is the type of person I am, if I see someone getting flack I feel they don’t deserve regardless of whether or not I know them, you bet I will voice my concerns about it. Yes Emily has her share of incorrect statements but she also has a fair share of correct statements which tells me she does have the connections she claims she does. You only have to look at some of the replies I’ve had to my original comment to see how childish some of the people are on this site.

      2. I’d actually really like to see that list because the times I’ve seen her being right I can count on one hand, while all of the times I’ve seen her get reported here and be wrong is overwhelming. If it’s the case with her most infamous statements being the ones going “viral” and the more accurate ones not getting as much attention, I might change my views about her statements. Her most recent statements these last few months seem to have truth to them, which is more I can say for the last 5 – 6 years I’ve heard about her stuff.

        1. That list the guy compiled about her getting stuff wrong seems bare. Off the top of my head, she got stuff wrong like GTA getting ported to the Wii U, and I remember the Kingdom Battle stuff she said was during a time where she piggybacked a lot of stuff and Laura Kay Dale was the actual person providing that information. If that information about the disc is specific to her then I guess I’m wrong.

    3. “If you’re good at anticipating the human mind, it leaves nothing to chance.” Basically, if she knows how Nintendo thinks, she can easily guess right every now & then. It’s called an educated guess but a guess none the less. As someone pointed out, big news has always been revealed in May for the last 5 years. Nintendo told us there is a Pokemon game for Switch coming. E3 is right around the corner. So any random person can guess that Pokemon might get revealed in May. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do get a Pokemon reveal this month. (I’m even hoping for it.) So yes. I will say she’s guessing because it’s a smart guess. Now regarding the other rumors she stated concerning Pokemon, I won’t say for a fact those are guesses but, for all I know, they could be.

  8. After there was no reveal yesterday, I will believe this “Shocking Pokemon News” when I see it.

    1. Maybe they’re talking about a spin-off game that brings new history to the franchise.

      Besides, rebooting the franchise wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either.

      1. It would be for those who just got finished migrating their X/Y Pokemon to S/M. Remember the leap from Gen II to Gen III? And now, we would go from having less new Pokemon, to no gyms or megas, to NO new pokemon.

        And besides, reboots are what creators do when they’ve run out of ideas for an ongoing franchise.

    1. In any case, I’m ready for my birth month to end because I’m hyped for E3 (for better or for worse.) That & I want to go see Star Wars: Solo in theaters! (I think I’ll start considering E3 a late birthday present when something I want is revealed.)

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