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Emily Rogers Says Pokemon Switch Announcement Still Scheduled For May

We are nearing the end of May, and based on insider information from Emily Rogers, many are expecting the Pokemon Nintendo Switch announcement to take place soon. Thankfully we’ve still got a number of days left for it to be announced. Taking to Reset Era, Rogers said that as far as she knows, nothing has been changed by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo regarding the May reveal. We shall just have to hang tight.


85 thoughts on “Emily Rogers Says Pokemon Switch Announcement Still Scheduled For May”

  1. When will she stop, how long wil people listen to her before she gets blacklisted like a certain other person, she said they would have announce it already and that has been proven wrong she’s running out of ideas and she’s desperate for attention

    1. I know right, does she really expect people to believe her with E3 practically right around the corner? Plus, May is almost over, so if Game Feak was going to announce Pokemon for the Switch this month they would have done it by now.

      I’m a little embarrassed to have the same last name as her.

        1. Yeah, that Diceman guy is so funny.

          In all seriousness though, I guess I really underestimated Emily and of course I was wrong as always. I guess she does have her sources like people say she does.

          But, like with every other leaker, I’m still going to take what she says with a grain salt until it’s proven to be true, I’m just not gong to stupidly bad mouth her for no reason like I did in my original comment. I also apologize for what I said about being embarrassed to have the same last name as her, it was uncalled for and I regret saying it immensely.

    2. I don’t believe she actually has inside info. I do believe that she’s making a logical guess. It would make sense to me for Nintendo to show off Pokemon before E3 so it can have uncontested attention from gaming news sites instead of having it share the spotlight with all the other stuff at E3. Will they actually do that? Only Nintendo knows for sure. I’m kinda torn, I’d love to be proven right in my own logical guess, but at the same time I really hope it get’s saved for E3 if only so that I never have to hear “Emily Rogers” ever again.

      1. I forgot her last name it was someone who gave rumors just like Emily rogers she hasn’t been talk about in a while last time she was heard from was in 2016 when the switch wasmreveal

      2. Exactly, I skipped the Kate name because most of the people only put/say her last name. I wish she come back but being more cautious so that we don’t get spoiled easily.

        1. I hate to say it but he’s not wrong. Double standards do happen. Not entirely related to video games but I saw a video where two people are doing a social experiment where they were testing how people react when both genders are being sexually harassed: A guy was being sexually harassed by a hot chick & apparently HE is the one with the problem. When they reversed the roles, the complete opposite happens and tons of people are quick to defend the girl. Boom! Double standard! A guy has every right to turn a woman’s advances down just as much as women have the right to turn down a man’s advances. And it doesn’t stop there, sadly, as apparently guys can’t be raped by women.

      1. It’s very true. if it was a guy, he would have been called full of crap and discredited by now. But Emily is an industry darling.
        And it’s not stereotyping. I’m actually pointing out a double standard.

    3. Except Laura Kate Dale was never blacklisted. She called Mario Rabbids and nintendo changed the date of the reveal. She was vindicated but lambasted so badly I don’t blame her for not dealing with it anymore.

      1. Thats what I meant I forgot it was Emily first than Laura came after her, and now she’s just back for attention I was for sure she got blacklisted

      2. Exactly. Laura K. Dale is an awesome journalist. She shouldn’t get backlash for delays or changes on the projects she got inside info. The sole Mario + Rabbids was something to praise since it’s so unexpected. They changed dates and everything but nobody gave credit for what it was until it was announced.

        Same with Emily Rogers. She has some inside info and is sharing that with the public. People get super aggressive towards her before she’s proven wrong and, after all, it’s a rumor she heard but she has no control over it. The general public should just chill and take those for what they are, just rumors or early ideas.

  2. IF this is true, then my money is on Tuesday the 29th. Tuesdays tend to be big for Nintendo news/directs. If not, Thursday is their other go-to.

  3. Everyone’s like: No way this happens. Stupid guess, Emily. But IF it does happen they’ll all be like: Easy guess, she’s just lucky…

    1. Yeah, she have been right before. Like she said months ago we would get Smash for Switch this year. We’ll just have to wait and see.
      Btw, Solberg: er du norsk?

      1. Exactly. She has a spotty record, but people exaggerate how “wrong” she is. My great grandparents immigrated from Norway.

        1. Ahh, Solberg is a common Norwegian surname, so I just noticed it. Samuel is a rare Norwegian name again, so I was curious to see if you were Norwegian xP

      2. Ok but like every single YouTuber been saying that myself included, and she said at first Smash 4 port would have been at launch with MK8D and Splatoon as well. She also mentioned VC would have been at the Switch reveal event in January with one of the main focuses being Mother 3 in English and well I don’t see that right now. She is a fraud who only gets some predictions right and the ones she gets right are the same ones YouTubers like Gamexplain also state but she is totally credible because she has an “inside source”.

        1. Well, your statement will be more true if Pokémon doesn’t show up before 1. June. But in her defence, she might actually hear stuff, and thing change. I bet there is a lot going on which never came to fruition. But she might just have a lot lucky guesses, who knows for sure?
          Again, we’ll just have to see what happens the coming days. I’m not holding my breath though.

      3. If you keep making bold predictions every week at least one is bound to be right and usually it is the really simple ones that are right like she says oh we will get a Paper Mario game for the Wii U which is kinda of a no shit kind of thing and then again she was off her release date of 3 years.

      1. She probably also just “guessed” Mario x Rabbids then, because yeah, that’s totally something someone would guess to happen.How lucky she was there!

      2. @Infinite She’s gotten some very specific stuff right. She was saying NVIDIA Tegra in the Switch WAAAAY before anyone else and before the Eurogamer leak too. People were so mad, because they were worried that meant it was less powerful than the PS4, but she was right. I don’t think she just guesses, because she has been right too much lately. HOWEVER, I do think she’s heard false things and passed them along without thorough enough investigation. That explains when she’s been explicitly and specifically right and also when she completely misses the mark. I mean you have to figure even if she was just guessing at some points a lot of people think she’s legit which means if I was a leaker I would go to someone like her at this point.

      3. Wait… Are you seriously suggesting she guessed Mario + Rabbids… That’s so specific. She just happened to be right at the exact right time about the dumbest sounding crossover??? By the way, she wasn’t the original source of that Mario + Rabbids leak, so she may have copied others, but to say it was a lucky guess… HAHAHA. That is a desperate attempt to discredit her.

      4. I think she doesn’t want people to admit herself how wrong she is. i remember last time that she talk about paper mario coming to the Wii U during the same year when that rumor started.

          1. That’s right. Just like Nintendo when they scared to public to use thirdparty docks and stuff before they got warned by the goverment. Now people won’t buy anything else than first party, even when they’ve been “allowed” by Nintendo.

            1. I’m glad governments started to take a stand against that kind of bullshit when Nintendo started telling people they won’t fix someone’s Switch if they so much as used a 3rd party device. Of course, it snowballed & caused them to tell Sony they can’t do this, either. Thanks, Nintendo. Your shitty attempt to screw customers caused other console makers to get the spanking.

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  5. I work for a game retailer and have been told to expect a BIG news update on Wednesday 30th….I’m hoping it’s Pokemon!

  6. Right, like how Fire Emblem was supposed to be unveiled for Switch during the last direct and look how that turned out.

    That’s the last time I take any one of these people seriously.

  7. She doesn’t know when to stop, I hope no one believes her stupid rumours. She doesn’t even know how long it’s been in development.

    1. I won’t begrudge her if she does end up being right but I’m not gonna fall to my knees & proclaim I will follow & believe her every guess from that point forward. Getting a guess right every now & then does not make you a credible source of information. Especially if you sneakily add in something that raises doubt in your own guess so you can still technically be right even when you’re proven wrong.

  8. Jesus damn us all. Reading through these comments was a nightmare. You all have absolutely no hope in your own people, do you? I’m not saying that Emily is always right, or has always been right, but I definitely believe that she has some credibility. Especially considering that MULTIPLE sources are stating that Pokemon will be revealed within a relatively short time from now. I think you all are becoming too skeptical. I understand that you don’t want to be let down, but making fun of people isn’t a healthy way to combat the issue. Seriously, I felt bad for her just by reading what you all had to say. Just let time do her justice, regardless of the outcome. Pushing her down won’t change what happens in the end.

    1. E3 is just around the corner, Nintendo has told us there is a Pokemon game for Switch coming months ago, & the time around E3 is the perfect time to reveal something big like that. Of course dozens of sources are stating this as it’s a pretty logical guess. STILL doesn’t make her credible. Let’s go ahead & give Michael Pachter praise if he suddenly pops up stating Nintendo is gonna reveal Pokemon Switch soon while we’re at it. Let’s also praise every other schmuck popping up to claim Pokemon Switch is gonna be revealed soon. After all, they are all credible sources from that moment on if they are right.

      1. “E3 is just around the corner” Only problem with that, Pokemon in all its 20+ years, has NEVER revealed a main game @E3, or any other tech show, they have done so right before them though. Pokemon Games are not revealed at tech shows, and there is absolutely no reason to think that will change now. Pokemon would steal the show, and everything else would be shadowed, it doesn’t happen, it wont happen. It will be revealed before E3, and discussed more at E3.

  9. OKAY FOLKS: I have compiled all of the verifiable rumors Emily has spread that this site has posted in the last two years or so (stopped there because there is a lot to go through). You’ll see that she has been right about some very specific things that probably were not guesses. She has also been wrong about some stuff. Therefore, I think it is safe to say she hears things from supposed leakers, who are very often real, but sometimes not, not simply that she makes stuff up. That’s just what I think, look below and think for yourself

    Hulu 3DS
    Smash 2018
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Right about everything except tracks unless we count battle courses)
    4GB Ram in Switch (Specific and not news people “wanted to hear”)
    New IP (Arms? Kinda vague?)
    October NX reveal (True, but not the first to say it)
    No x86 architecture in Switch, less powerful than PS4 (people were mad about this and she was going against the major rumors at the time saying this
    Debunked a fake rumor
    VERY specific Kingdom Battle stuff
    Miiverse 3DS

    First Year Titles (about half and half)
    Zelda Delay
    Zelda female choice (right about voice acting)
    New Retro IP in 2017 (wrong although it may have been the apparently cancelled project)
    Mother 3 (although may have been in development and canned on Wii U)

    1. Funny, I posted a polite list of many of the things she got wrong in these comments and whoever admins this site has neglected from actually posting it. But sure it’s ok when you add all of her lucky guesses and leave a huge chunk of incorrect predictions out of it. No bias here.

      1. I literally used every article I could find on this site for the past two years… No bias…

      2. Using the find feature & this is your only post I’m seeing. Did you get that annoying “awaiting moderation” crap? If so, you might have used a word you didn’t see anything wrong with but WordPress thought was bad. For instance, s c u m b a g triggers it and that’s a pretty tame word where I live.

      3. Ohh fair enough that makes sense. I didn’t actually use any offensive or insulting words but those things aren’t exactly the best at judging whether a word’s offensive or not. My B for jumping to the wrong conclusion. It just said “awaiting moderation” then nothing got posted and this is the first time I’ve ever commented on this site so I assumed the worst.

  10. I’m thinking: let her do whatever she pleases. If she wants to guess/lie/predict/actually come with stuff from insiders — let her do it. If you don’t like what she says; just ignore her like you ignore spoilers or something. It’s not like she take payments from us or scam us or anything.
    And if you get hyped by rumours, you’re bound to be disappointed no matter where those rumours comes from — from her or anybody else.

  11. You guys need to chill out and stop getting your panties in a bunch over her. Her reports have been right and they’ve been wrong. Such is how the rumor mill works. She’s a decent human being and doesn’t deserve all the hateful whining.

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