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Emily Rogers Lists Some Of The Games For The Nintendo Switch In First 12 Months

Emily Rogers, who is privy to all kinds of secret Nintendo related information, has listed a number of games that she has heard are coming to the Nintendo Switch within the first twelve months. Some of them were showcased in the teaser trailer for the platform and others we have heard rumoured at some time or another. It certainly sounds like a healthy list.

Thanks to Mike S for the tip!


      1. Yeah. She was wrong about that. Then again, she probably claimed it might not be in the game to cover her ass in case it was proven she was wrong.


      1. No, it is. That’s all of the games for 2017, first party. As for third party, I’ll have to talk with my sources.

        I did say smash would come next year, but my source was lying. My educated guess is that it’ll probably be 2019 when it comes out.

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    1. The Pokémon title had better not be a port of Pokkén Tournament, or another spin-off like PokéPark. I’ve been waiting almost 10 years for a sequel to Colosseum, XD and Battle Revolution.


    1. From what I can gather, it was canceled like the Metroid Prime 4 that Retro Studios had begun work on in late 2015.

      Though it may just be that what they had to scrapped to be worked on from the beginning again.

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  1. …… Nothing I expected to be new… Already knew about the wiiu ports. Mario from the nd reveil and the retro studios game… It’s also easy to say a new ip is coming….

    And to think earlier this morning almost started to believe her credibility……. Almost

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      1. I mean, you’d be always right too if you repeated every single rumor you heard and were as vague as humanly possible too.

        So yeah, I am always right. But it’s still all bullshit. Thanks for being a fan though!


    1. That’s a lot of first party titles, even if two of them are ports. This is obviously not including third party titles, which it sounds like there will be enough of. Even the Wii U got enough third party support early on.


  2. Lmao a bunch of wishful thinking there.
    Honestly why do people keep taking this woman’s word by heart?
    Pokemon? Are you serious? GF has explicitly said they won’t put any Pokemon games on the Switch until there’s a large enough userbase.


    1. They already said they’re making Pokémon games for the switch, just not main games like sun and moon. Probably one like coliseum, stadium, or pokken. Fool


  3. She ain’t saying anything Nintendo hasn’t already hinted at! And throwing Big franchise devs like Retro out there is obvious since they haven’t released anything major in years! Cmon!
    Tell me something unexpected like Luigis Manaion coming holiday Halloween 2018
    Or Wario World 2 or something crazy like that. Tell me GTA6 coming to Switch or something.
    Get outta here with that.


  4. Hey Emily, I know about one more game from a highly credible source (me). You can add “+ unannounced game” to your list. Now you list reads like a novel by Jule Verne!


  5. Emily is soooo stupid and anyone would guess those games would come out in the first 12 months. Come on stop reporting on this dopey girl she is a major nobody trying to be a useless somebody and u just edge it on


  6. But, seriously, who’s ready to see Retro Studios give us Metroid Prime 4? The secret ending in Federation Force must be connected to a plot Sylux is iniating with the Metroid he stole! Whoops, sorry, never meant to spoil. I feel bad about it now. :( But anyway, his plot could be this: He’s planning on enhancing the Metroid with something to make it powerful enough to destroy Samus and the Galactic Federation! But, knowing Samus, she finds a way to destroy it, but first heads to a nearby system to investigate, thus beginning her new adventure!


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