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3DS Nintendo Network ID And Hulu Coming This Year?


Emily Rogers, one of the writers for Nintendo Force magazine, has heard rumours that Nintendo may be integrating Nintendo Network ID account systems for the Nintendo 3DS. Rogers also says that she has been informed that on-demand streaming video site Hulu will also be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Both of these things are expected to be announced sometime later this year.

“Should hear about 3DS NNID account system before end of this year. Hulu coming to 3DS this year.”

Thanks, Anubis

29 thoughts on “3DS Nintendo Network ID And Hulu Coming This Year?”

  1. That would be pretty cool. But you know what would be even better? If digital purchases were to be linked to the ID instead of the system then.

  2. I hope this means that your 3DS games will be converted over to the NNID and we won’t have to deal with that pesky system transfer limit. I think we should be able to put our network on any new 3DS system without having to worry. Limit it to one or two systems, I’m fine with that, but at least let me break it without losing everything (though I baby the hell out of my system, it’s just the principle of the thing).

    1. Why?
      Yeah, it’s like Big Brother but frankly, anyone angry us probably misinformed or has something to hide. I’m fine with “being spied on” so stop some cunt killing people

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