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Video: Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference

Tonight was a big night for Pokemon fans. Pokemon Let’s Go was confirmed to be real, and Pokemon Quest is now available on Nintendo Switch. The core RPG Pokemon that was announced at E3 2017 is still on the way, and it will release in the second half of next year. However, all this information came from a private event. News had to be translated and relayed from journalists that were there, and the event was not streamed. The good news is that it was recorded, and the official Pokemon YouTube channel has uploaded a video containing the entire press conference. Here’s the video:


10 thoughts on “Video: Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference”

    1. Not gonna lie I used to be an Emily hater but after this I won’t be completely dismissing anything she says immediately. I’ll still take any rumors with a healthy grain of salt though no matter who the rumors come from.

  1. I don’t really understand the criticism I’ve seen in the previous post. While Pokemon Quest do look rubbish, Pikachu and Eevie looks really good and are based on the best Pokemon games released, the first two. Graphics are good, mechanics are perfect for a portable game, I imagine my children will go crazy for it. I remember the fun I had with Red many years ago and the disappointment of the new games aimed only at children. These two looks good for adults too. So 2018 for these? I’m in.

    1. Did you play the originals when they were rereleased on 3ds? I ask because I find it hard to believe that you would play those and still think they are the best versions. I have been playing Pokémon since i got blue in 1999 and whilst I don’t particularly like the last two entries as much they are still light years ahead of the first games in almost every way. And Pokémon has always been aimed at kids, yes it’s a bit more hand holdy these days but it’s always been really easy. It took me two days to beat the elite four in blue so I’m not having this idea that they’re easy now because they’re aiming it at kids. If the first games are your favourite because of the memories you had as a kid then fine but any attempt at justifying it is futile. The reality is you have just got older and are less into the newer games.

      1. I still have Pokemon Red, and I’m still finding it enjoyable, straightforward, with a simple good story and more challenging while I find the new ones too much childish, especially X. It’s not a problem for me if you like the new ones more, but I would not touch them with a stick. Though I’m not happy they have (in Let’s Go) removed battles on uncatched pokemons, hope they have inserted some other mechanics to battle more otherwise would be duller (also graphics seems a bit empty, especially during fights). The old gameplay scheme was just perfect in my opinion. One thing I’ve forgot is that I also like more the artistic direction of the old ones.

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