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Walmart Has Leaked Team Sonic Racing And Provided Screenshots

Well it seems as though Walmart has lifted the lid on the Sonic Racing game which is currently in development over at SEGA. The game is titled Team Sonic Racing and the retailer not only released the box-art but they also revealed a number of screenshots of the game in action. The last Sonic Racing game was great fun so hopefully this will be more of the same.

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18 thoughts on “Walmart Has Leaked Team Sonic Racing And Provided Screenshots”

    1. And I guess they perfectly pulled it off. Sure, this could really have consequences for them (but I’m sure it won’t) but either way where do you and everyone else now know 100% certainty that this game is gonna be sold at?
      yeees…. Amazon as well, but of course Walmart stepped into the perfect spotlight there. Can’t be accidental.

  1. This is great and all.. I’m a fan of Sonic and All Stars Racing/Transformed… but I’m confused as to why SEGA would take a step backwards, and make it Sonic only? The appeal of those games over Mario Kart (besides playing faster and having the awesome boat/plane mechanics in Transformed) is that we get to see MANY different game worlds, where in Mario Kart, it’s almost exclusively Mario themed levels…

    I guess it’s just another chance for SEGA to give us Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone, this time in race track form. Don’t get me wrong, if they start pulling inspiration from the entire library of Sonic Games for tracks based on levels, it could be pretty sick. I’d kill to race on a Flying Battery Zone themed track, or maybe Leaf Storm from Sonic Advance 2 track.. but as awesome as that could all be, I’d still rather race in some of the other SEGA IP worlds, like Vectorman, or NiGHTS themed levels. Oh well, I’ll buy it anyway. Thanks for the leak Walmart!

    1. It makes sense honestly. There are a lot of people who only know SEGA because of Sonic or at least only play his games. Having an entirely Sonic themed, good racing game is exactly what the series needs right now after Forces since a brand new core game isn’t realistic at the time.

  2. I honestly would be way more interested if they took another swing at making the old “Sonic R” concept work again … as in, everyone on foot. I loved the ultra-cheesey music and mood of the original, even though its physics and gameplay were absolute garbage. I think there must be a way to make high-speed pedestrian racing physics work (more parkour on caffeine, less people behaving like high speed tanks). A second try of Sonic R would be a great opportunity to test out alternative play control and physics for moving Sonic (and friends) at high speed in 3D that is not just Sonic Adventure style again, but a whole new approach, flow and feel. 100% focus on fluid movement without considerations for backtracking, attacking bots or fighting bosses (and ZERO ‘take control away for the sake of a cinematic camera angle’ sections) could result in a fresh, new, interesting gameplay experience.

    I understand that the All Stars games have mostly been better than they have any reason to be (some even prefering them to Mario Kart), but Sonic driving a car is never, ever not just plain “WRONG”.

    Give me “Sonic R 2” with fresh and unique Hyper-Parkour gameplay and I might actually CARE Sega. I played the demos and passed on the last few Sonic Racing games. I’m already disinterested in this one.

    (Seriously. In-game, Tails and Knuckes … Amy and Cream in the ‘Advance’ games … even Eggman/Robotnik at the end of Sonic 2, have proven able to run at Sonic-Like speeds On-Foot in one or more games. There is no excuse not to make an All Pedestrian Sonic Racing Game. They ALL ‘Run-Fast’. EVERYONE. Only in the Cartoons is Sonic the ONLY fast one.)

    … damnit’ … now I REALLY want to play a game where I can beat Sonic in a footrace as Vanilla the Rabbit (Creams Mom). That kind of Silly Fun would make me so much happier than ANOTHER game with Sonic driving his old Game-Gear, ‘Sonic Drift’ car.

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