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A GameStop System Update Has Added 10+ Nintendo Switch SKUs

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One week remains until the first E3 conference begins, and the rumors and leaks show no signs of letting up. For example, a GameStop insider has leaked a system update that has come in just in time for E3. Xbox One and Playstation 4 SKUs were added, as well as more than 10 Nintendo Switch SKUs. All of the Switch SKUs are $60, and do not have an official title. If you want to see an image of the Switch SKUs, it is down below.


45 thoughts on “A GameStop System Update Has Added 10+ Nintendo Switch SKUs”

  1. This E3’s surprises have completely been ruined by retailers to the point where I have to wonder if it was on purpose.

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  3. Don’t they just do that naturally just because they know some new stuff will be available so they can immediately push those pre-orders?

  4. All I want in the world is for one of those to be Animal Crossing. Don’t let us down Nintendo, please.

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  7. I really want to see a Zelda reveal game even if it comes in 2019 (of course, an open world Zelda won’t come until 2020 at least, but a 2D Zelda is very likely since A Link Between Worlds won Game of the Year and has excellent sales numbers).

    1. Umm doesn’t anybody not rember last year after breath of wild they went into development for a 2d Zelda game lol this was confirmed way back so it’s possible we could see that at e3

  8. I’m willing to bet that even after E3, I’ll still feel the same blah attitude I’m feeling now towards the Switch. It’s been boring me to death. Nintendo completely killed my fanboy-ism (is that a word?). Either that, or my age and change in prefernces has.

      1. There is major difference between the Switch and COD/FIFA. While the Switch is one of the most, if not the most, innovative consoles ever created, COD and FIFA are mediocre games with little to no innovation. That being said, what is it that you don’t like about the Switch so much that you even call it garbage?

      2. In what way is it innovative? Its simply a habdheld you can dock and play on the tv.

        The joy cons are cheap garbage. The dock can scratch the screen. The switch can bend. If you want a real controller you have to shell out more money. If you cant even put a decent controller in the box then you dont deserve my money.

      3. It is sad to hear something like that from someone who (at least by visiting this site) should be Nintendo fan, because it shows how misinformed you are. The Switch is not a handheld plugable to the TV. It’s a hybrid that is both handheld and home console and its power reflects that. It can run HD games for home consoles and while it isn’t the strongest console, the WiiU wasn’t any different in that. I have had my Switch for one year now and I can assure you that if you don’t behave like monkey to your Switch and handle it with care, then the dock won’t scratch its screen (ever). Now to the joy-cons. Joy-cons are truly unique controllers that are perfect example of Switch’s versatility. They can be used in many different ways and adapt to your play style. They also include a lot of technology, which is truly fascinating given their size. They include rumble (which can be both very gently and strong), motion controls (you may say meh, but it’s essential for aiming in Splatoon), IR camera, NFC – amiibo touchpoint and all buttons and sticks you could want from modern controller. There sadly isn’t any d-pad, but you can’t have everything and it’s possible to mod the joy-cons to add it. The best thing about the joy-cons imo is the fact that they are 2 independent controllers. They have both motion sensors and they can be used like two simplified controllers for local multiplayer on the go, but I like the fact that they are independent because they can be used in split configuration, one joy-con in one hand. This way, you can freely move your hands while playing, which is very comfortable. Of course, in case you have really large hands, then this is not for you, however 3DS was no difference and having smaller controllers is essential to allow handheld-like portability. In this case, you can buy Pro controller for about $60, which isn’t imo that much given the fact that it has long battery life (40 hrs), motion controls and NFC included.

        To be honest, I do not understand how someone who bought the WiiU can dislike the Switch, when the Switch is both feature and game-wise majorly superior to the WiiU.

        PS: I do not understand why you linked me this video, the fact that some idiot dislikes the joy-cons means nothing.

      4. Who said its a hybrid? Nintendo call it a portable home gaming system. Nintendo also said the switch wont replace the wii u or 3ds. You guys seem to pick and choose what you want to believe. Its all marketing and nintendo lie all the time. I can see what it is. A handeld that can be docked and played on the tv. So what, is nintendo selling half a system in japan with the dockless bundle? lol its a handheld.

        The pro controller is $70+ and sold separately. why should I buy this when it should already be in the box? nintendo chose those garbage joy cons to be the main controller. The vid I posted backs up that argument.

        The switch has proven to me the that nintendo fanboys will literally buy anything nintendo sh!ts out.

      5. I see, so now you are conspiracy theoretic lol. Seriously though, the fact that they say it won’t replace 3DS nor WiiU and that it’s portable home console means it’s hybrid, please check . This video with 2K views is anything but evidence. Also, the basic Pro controller (the gray one) is being sold globally at $60, please check Amazon or any other retailer. The dockless Switch units available in Japan are for customers that already have one dock at home and want just Switch (for kids etc.). These units won’t be available outside of Japan. If you have any (real) evidence that I am wrong, please post it, otherwise is further discussion pointless.

      6. ok im going to act dumb like you. Im going to wait for the successor to the wii u because nintendo said the switch isnt replacing it. Lets believe everything nintendo says.

      7. It was you who used their statement (that it’s not WiiU’s nor 3DS’ successor) in the first place lol. To cite you: “Who said its a hybrid? Nintendo call it a portable home gaming system. Nintendo also said the switch wont replace the wii u or 3ds. You guys seem to pick and choose what you want to believe.”. Who’s dumb now, huh?

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