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New Officially-Licensed GameCube Controllers For Nintendo Switch In The Works

Officially licensed GameCube style controllers are coming to the Nintendo Switch. The information was discovered by Reddit user Mew_The_Creator who revealed that the various designs had been delivered to the facility where he works. They are created by PowerA and are officially licensed by Nintendo. “Nintendo sent them to our facility to produce product layout for stores so the actual controllers aren’t in there, but the product is confirmed.”


The company is also working on a variety of Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers which are Super Mario themed. Take a look at them below. For now we don’t know when either sets of controllers are due to be released, but as soon as we hear anything we shall let you know.


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29 thoughts on “New Officially-Licensed GameCube Controllers For Nintendo Switch In The Works”

    1. nintendo has far more controllers and far fart ahead in control than sony and ms combined x 10

      switch is the only gen 9 system with gen 9 controller support ps and xbox are stuck in some weird STRANGE casual gen 4 concept DUALSHOCK IS LITERALLY A JOKE

    1. There not there really cheap they sell for about $20 where I live they have some mario, yoshi Zelda and donkey kong theme stuff pro controllers at the moment

  1. Actually pretty excited for this! PowerA actually has some solid wired controllers for the switch. They are already on wave 2 so it makes sense for them to create more. I just wonder if the gamecube one will be USB like the others or an actually plug in for gamecube. Either way means Smash is for sure this year and coming soon 😁😁😁

    1. Probably the usb, because if it was a gamecube slot then you would have to get an adapter and kinda defeats the purpose of a gamecube switch controller. Plus usb means it can be used on pc and that’s great in my book.

    2. I’d assume due to the Home and Snapshot buttons on the picture, that it is USB. Plus the adapter is rather hard to come by.

  2. Woah, I love the new design to it. It really makes me excited for Smash this year. I am definetly going to buy at least another GameCube controller, if not two.

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    1. Gamecube edition joycons would be epic! Joystick and an actual D-pad on the left, and Kidney buttons, oversized A-button and yellow joystick on the right!

  4. Those controllers look epic! Too bad it’s not wireless.I guess I’ll be waiting for the Switch Wavebird.

  5. If they are already allowed to put them on store shelves for the public to see, cool. If they aren’t & he leaked this without permission, why in the hell would you give out your username!? Unless this guy is damn good at covering his digital tracks, he’s screwed.

  6. That aside, I wonder if these have HD Rumble or just regular Rumble. Considering someone said these are cheaper than the Switch Pro Controllers, I’d imagine they don’t have the HD Rumble.

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