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YouTube Announces E3 2018 Show With Geoff Keighley And YouTube Stars

E3 is fast approaching and it is sure to be an extravagant event just like every year. YouTube has announced that it is once again teaming up with Geoff Keighley, and similar to last year, it will feature a number of YouTube personalities. These include Ali-A, AngryJoe, Boogie2988, iJustine, MatPat, TypicalGamer, Vikkstar, Ninja, and many more. Dance musician Marshmallow will be a special guest for a live Let’s Play with Ninja. If this doesn’t sound like your thing you can also tune into other streams including Easy Allies, which comprises of former Game Trailers staff, there’s also IGN and Giant Bomb.

“YouTube Live at E3 will anchor a full week of E3 coverage on YouTube, the biggest platform for gaming video in the world,” said Ryan Wyatt, global head of AR, VR and Gaming Content and Partnerships at YouTube. “All our E3 content, including Geoff’s show, will be accessible through a special event page at”


9 thoughts on “YouTube Announces E3 2018 Show With Geoff Keighley And YouTube Stars”

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  2. I’ll probably check it out. Is Markiplier gonna be one of the YouTubers? Of course, he might do his own little thing for that event. I wonder when is his next live stream to fund a charity.

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