Twitch Has Released Their Official E3 2018 Schedule

E3 2018 festivities begin in less than 3 days, so Twitch has unveiled to the world what they plan to stream over the course of the coming week. Every conference will be streamed, including Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Nintendo’s presentation has a 45-minute long segment. As for the days that the show floor is open, Nintendo isn’t mentioned directly. However, Twitch has said they will “share a more detailed schedule of our official stream every day on Twitter”. The schedule does not include Nintendo’s Treehouse streams.



      1. And last year with only 30 minutes Nintendo blow up the mind of many people, even of our Commander with Metroid Prime 4 announce

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      2. I don’t remember if last year Nintendo focused on Splatoon 2 with 5 minutes but I don’t remember now

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  1. 45 minutes is a lot of time, so I’m expecting a LOT of stuff.

    Smash Switch, Prime 4, Fire Emblem Switch, perhaps more on that Yoshi title from last year… and new stuff like (fingers crossed) F-Zero Switch or something wild like an Ice Climbers revival.

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    1. Didn’t you said the same about odyssey an that still didn’t happen lmao expect some disappointment it’ll be probably be about 5 mins and the rest will be explain in treehouse live just like odyssey 2014 smash 4 trailer was literally 5 mins long


  2. I’m calling a new Zelda. Nintendo even stated Zelda could be like most AAA titles that release once a year. Not a main entry though, something like Zelda ALBW

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  3. That’s a lot of time, but they have big games that they want to show. We have several games releasing this year that we’ve seen nothing of (Smash, Fire Emblem). Yoshi. Pokemon. Don’t forget they’re going to want to push Mario Tennis since that’ll come out a week after. The Star Fox racer rumor falls into that Mario + Rabbids level of craziness, so it’s probably true. Toss in even one more surprise and we’re talking 7 major games right there. That’s barely 5-6 minutes a game with intro and outro.

    If I got just one of these, I’ll be happy with their lineup:

    Port/sequel of Mario Maker
    Animal Crossing
    Lugi’s Mansion 3
    2D Zelda
    Pikmin 4
    A 3D adventure with existing IP. A co-op Ice Climbers would be great on Switch, DK64 sequel, Splatoon etc

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