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Eurogamer: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Will Have Mandatory Motion/Gyro Controls

Eurogamer is reporting this evening that the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch will feature mandatory motion/gyro controls in docked and handheld mode. When playing in handheld mode you are still required to move your system around to aim, but to throw a Pokeball, you thankfully just have to press a button. Here’s exactly what the publication was told via a statement:

“In handheld mode with both Joy-Con attached – you are still required to move around to aim, but you press a button to throw the Pokéball.

“It is not touch screen like on a smartphone because the Switch is quite a bit heavier than your smart phone.”

The Pokemon Company also told the site that the region of Johto will not be a bonus feature in the game (as it was back in Gold and Silver).




    1. Also this game basically just killed handheld mode, I gotta keep one joycon on the system to hold the thing, and then one to play the game. I mean they’ve made such atrocious decisions already. No wonder trade, battle spot, or GTS, no wild battles, single joycon control scheme, REQUIRED gyro and motion, and on top of ALLL that YES it is a CORE GAME. TBH would’ve been happier with an USUM port.

      1. but you don’t need to separate the joycons in handheld.. you’d aim like you do in Splatoon or LoZ:BotW then throw the pokeball pressing a button… that’s actually pretty good.

      2. I mean first of all you didn’t read the article because it literally says “In handheld mode with both Joy-Con attached – you are still required to move around to aim, but you press a button to throw the Pokéball” and second off NO IT IS NOT A CORE GAME DUDE THEY’VE OUTRIGHT SAID IT ISN’T MULTIPLE TIMES.

  1. Anyone not wanting this year’s game have next year’s to look forward to. I just want to go back to Kanto and ease back into the series.

  2. I was so pumped for this when it was revealed, but I’m becoming less and less interested with each new bit of info they give us. Why did they have to ruin it with all this new crap?

      1. I can understand the confusion but I think what he means by “this crap” isn’t the feature itself but the forced nature of it. Contrary to what some developers think; Not everyone likes motion controls, even Splatoon’s Developers acknowledge this and not makes them forced.

      2. But it’s not a bad feature. Moving a joy-con to simulate a throw isn’t unjustified crap. Cappy is controlled with motion controls, it’s not ‘just crap’, it’s just a nice way to simplify a control scheme, and that’s far less understandable than a movement to throw something.

  3. Oh so there gonna pull a skyward sword huh was t picking the game up anyway but catching Pokemon doesn’t not seem like the main mechanic in this game so I don’t see why people are complaining

      1. They literally stated in the interview that you mainly will be battling others, and etc and catching wild Pokemon wasnt even mention which leads me to believe that you’ll most likely catch them on the app and catch a few on the actual game

  4. I’m sure its only mandatory for those sections where to choose to capture Pokemon via the ball toss so as to aim. I imagine this who play out battles won’t be effected?

  5. ||This civilian weapon should be irrelevant to all hardcore Pokémon fans since they announced that the core games will be released next year…until then I’ll be still playing splatoon 2 with my boyfriend…||

  6. I’m upset about no Johto. I’ve been wanting a Kanto remake that also explores Johto during that time. Plus I think HD Johto would be amazing.

    Will this Let’s Go even have the same amount of content as FR/LG? It so far doesn’t look like it.

    1. Who knows, maybe something will be offered through DLC. Still I don’t think that it will be an empty game, Nintendo usually is serious towards their customers.

    1. Seeing how that PokeBall is just a round joycon I get that it’s mandatory for both.

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